Rainy day activities?

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Originally posted by mapleleaves
I live near Seattle so I'm used to the rain. The only time I use an umbrella is at work ( don't want to mess up my hair !) Umbrellas are a nuisance to carry, especially when you're walking along sidewalks and dealing with crowds of people.
I prefer to wear a baseball cap or a hat; depends on how hard it's raining. Then both my hands are free.
I also keep a poncho in my daypack ... the length keeps me dry down to the knee and protects my daypack (camera, binoculars, etc). Not good in the wind though.
When I moved from Florida to Washington I thought I'd get a lot of mileage out of my umbrella. I got made fun of and had it blown inside out on the very first day. All the locals informed me that umbrellas were passe. From then on, a hood became my best friend lol.
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Originally posted by roblox84
I was just reading forums and was scared into believing that weather was always cold and rainy in Alaska

Well, the lesson there is don't believe everything you read...

Originally posted by roblox84
so I packed layers upon layers of clothes then we got into Seward and one of the residents said that we just missed 90 plus degree weather. So you can imagine our surprise when we heard this after reading every day how crappy the weather is in Alaska. I bet those people have never been in Ireland, then they would know what rainy means, lol.
You got lucky. Remember that. June was an exception month in Alaska-far from the norm.

As for "crappy" weather..."crappy" is in the eye of the beholder.

I just wanted to make sure some other readers would not be misled by your optimistic post....
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Just returned from my trip...
In Juneau it was raining. I had a helicopter tour that was NOT cancelled. someone had a float plan tour that WAS... so, I guess it just depends upon the operator...

I had a great time rain or shine !
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