Carnival BAD customer service

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Somerset KY
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I don't know the exact details of this situation there is usually always more to the story. I do however agree if this was a glitch and proven to carnival they should honor it. Most company's are good about such things.

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Portland Maine
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Not sure how a glitch is bad customer service.

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Baytown, Texas
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Originally posted by Jimmy Geegitz
Not sure how a glitch is bad customer service.

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Carnival not honoring the price is BAD customer service.
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Originally posted by gregg204
Yes they did honor it. Those tickets were actually purchased. This case is different. If he would have been able to purchase the $194.00 tx I'd say yes, honor it. So yes, really.
Not sure if both United and Delta has the same thing occur...but I missed the Delta $10 rate thing in December, I had several friends who once they heard about it tried to purchase, saw the $10 rates but at payment screen the actual airfare showed. No one felt Delta should have honored the non purchased tickets, it was great they honored the purchased tickets. Walmart had similar glitch too, had super cheap prices (cheaper than normal), people completed the check out process and even got "pick up in store" confirmations, then got cancellations that the purchase was cancelled. It's at the discretion of the company.

I also agree with the person that the lower rate was most likely for a guarantee cabin, not a "select your cabin" rate.
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Lake Norman, NC
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This is ridiculous! It's a glitch. There was no purchase. End of story. Pay the normal going rate for the cruise or don't go. Simple as that. Enjoy your cruise.
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They need to honor glitches

I paid for a cruise and get call 24 hours before boarding telling me that there was a glitch and I need to pay another $1300. Took 8 hours of tears and agony for them to discover it was their glitch. I had done nothing wrong.
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There was no purchase made, so therefore, nothing for them to honor. If the system had allowed the purchase to be made, that would be another situation, and I would be of the opinion that they need to honor the price at which the ticket was sold. No sale = no price protection.
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Wauwatosa, WI
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Originally posted by ldlewis45
There was no purchase made, so therefore, nothing for them to honor. If the system had allowed the purchase to be made, that would be another situation, and I would be of the opinion that they need to honor the price at which the ticket was sold. No sale = no price protection.
Exactly this!!!! The website did not allow the purchase at the reduced price, therefore no bait and switch! Too bad for the OP.
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If it would of went through they would have to honor it. But being as it didn't go through they don't have too. I am on Carnivals side here. You can bet if the airline tickets didn't go through, they wouldn't have honored the prices. It sucks for the OP but I don't think it warrants the bad service thread.
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Originally posted by sailinglisa
Exactly this!!!! The website did not allow the purchase at the reduced price, therefore no bait and switch! Too bad for the OP.
I don't think you understand bait and switch. It's when one price is advertised and then the terms switch when you try to make a purchase. In the Ops case this is classic bait and switch even if it was a glitch in the system.

However, there is a previous post talking about 2 tabs open. I don't know if this happened here or what but I had that happen. I was trying to price out the same cruise for my family of 4 and my friends family of 3. Both windows showed the same price, and had the correct number of passengers, until I tried to check out and pay for mine. In that case it was clearly a glitch because I was trying to do both at the same time. I wouldn't hold Carnival responsible for that.
Brevard County Florida
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When looking to book a cruise the rates will show the lowest rate for inside, ocean view, balcony and suite.

However when you try to book those rates may already be sold out then you have to purchase a “C” or “D” instead of an “A” category cabin.

It adds up quickly when you purchase a cabin for $200. The add on $92 for tax and port fees. Then add on another $98 for tips. $200 turns into $390. Move up a deck or two and from the aft to the middle of the ship add another $100. Now $490.

It is what it is. If a person does not like the price they do not have to book it.

One reason why we always book the early saver rate so if the price does drop we get credit for it.

Have a fun cruise.
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can understand the frustration, but since the OP couldn't book the rate, then that's not available for booking. All rates show the standard starting point as the previous poster stated. Depending on the actual cabin selection can determine the different pricing.

As much as it sucks, even if they had booked it, carnival does have a disclaimer stating that any glitches in the system when you booked a really cheap rate and they catch it, they will ask you for the difference or you can cancel your cruise with no penalties ie:ES

I have people who call me up saying, well the rate online for a room is X amt $$. I would say to them, you are most likely on a TA webpage and if you go in to actually start a booking process you will see what the rate really is. the websites will state lowest price, but they don't tell you that it would be for a standard king room on a weeknight during a slow season. but when you go in and actually choose your date, choose the # of people, then you will get the most current rate.
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Brevard County Florida
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Duplicate post…
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This was NOT bait and switch. It is perfectly legal and appropriate for a company to say that there are rates "as low as" a certain amount. If what the OP chose was not that cheap, that doesn't mean it was a glitch, it means the selections he made were not eligible for the cheaper rate. That is like buying a shirt off a sales rack with a big $10 sticker, but in smaller print it says "and up." Not every shirt on the rack is guaranteed to be $10. That isn't bait and switch, it's just advertising and marketing.
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cocoa beach
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Originally posted by esper10
I like to tell you what kind of bad customer service I recived from Carnival . I have been checking Carnival web site for a specific 3 days cruise for some times now. The price of window cabin has been $309.00 Resident rate, senior rate, and past cruiser. The other day in the evening a $194.00 price was the price. Not only for that one cruise but few different date of 3-4 days same ship. When I tried to book it putting all my information and the cabin category I wanted, window cabin. I had no problem with the price until I had to pick the cabin# that's when the price I got all of a sudden was back to 309.00 I did it over and over so I end up calling Carnival. I representative did not even understand what I'm taking about until I made him do it himself. I insisted that they need to honor the 194.00 for the glitch in the system but he was trying to tell me that this rate is for 4 people knowing I was putting for 2 in the number of traveling box. I requested to talk to a supervisor and while he was transferring me some how well, I was disconnected. I called again same thing when I asked to talk to a supervisor I was transfer but had a music for over 30 minuets until I gave up and hang up. In the morning I called my travel agent and she saw what I saw and copied the screen. She had talked to so many different people including supervisors but Carnival refuse to honor the price giving her all kind of reasons that made no seance , but OH YES they fixed the system that day and now it is back to 309.00 If I was so wrong than the price of 194.00 would still be their.I'm very disappointed with such a large company. Not so much the money as it is not much but the customer service for a past guest with their mistake. Oh yes I do cruise Royal Caribbean and Celebrity for the most part and no wonder why? Customer service matter always will !!!!!!!
You are right on that price of $194 that is the NET price for 4 people. Port charges should be $336

Once you add the 3rd and 4th it goes down
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How is it bait and switch? They didn't lure you to the website by showing you and advertised price. You went to the website on your own will and found the price. Boohoo. That's what's wrong with this company. People want something for nothing.
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Pretty standard this day and age...

tour t&c:
"...In the event that the tour or price quoted or advertised through any website, Carnival’s sales person, sales agent, or any other source is booked, but is incorrect due to an electronic error, typographical error, human error or any other error, causing the tour or price to be listed, quoted or advertised for an amount not intended by Carnival, Carnival reserves the right to correct the erroneous price by requesting the Guest to pay the correct price intended, or by cancelling the tour in exchange for a full refund, but in no event shall Carnival be obligated to honor such tour booking resulting from the error, or otherwise be liable in such circumstances."

I'm sure there's something similar for cruise bookings also.

Read this case, Perez v Hung Kien Kuu,
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Carnival does a good boat ride for the money.

But their customer service is not good.

Carnival's customer service is definitely their weakest area.
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Originally posted by danny91180
How is it bait and switch? They didn't lure you to the website by showing you and advertised price. You went to the website on your own will and found the price. Boohoo. That's what's wrong with this company. People want something for nothing.
So I'm not clear on the details of what happened but I thought it was bait and switch originally. They don't need to advertise it but if they show it on the website, and get you all the way to booking, then it is bait and switch. My assumption was that the OP picked the cabin, it showed the price of the cruise over on the right like usual, but when OP went to purchase it then changed.

Now if it just showed balcony for $194 and then you click and choose a balcony and it goes up, well that is not the same thing and not bait and switch. However, I will agree it's kind of crappy. Every time I looked up rates, it showed a price for balcony but that price was never really an option when choosing a balcony cabin.
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Those amazing rates are called sucker rates. You got suckered into calling Carnival only to become frustrated. There's always a hitch to those amazing rates, I never fall for them. Got a free cruise voucher and I tossed it in the garbage - it wasn't FREE!
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