How much do you drink (alcohol) on a cruise?

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Originally posted by ammo2250
all i know is my dw and i on a 5 day out of galvaston the final bill was 1150.00 so glad i was able to get the prem drink pkg on this cruise
OMG!! ammo2250, This is my very first contribution to this forum. I'm a first time cruiser and getting ready to book a 7 night out of Galveston, Nov. 2014.
Do you mind if I ask what you drank and how much daily to accrue a bill of 1,150.00?
I've been trying to decide if we should buy the prem. drink pkg's. My hubby typically doesn't drink as much as me. But he just might on a cruise since he doesn't have to drive.
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How much I consume is different than what I pay for. I bring my own wine, smuggle my own booze so I only buy a mixer or use juice from room service, and will probably have one to two cocktails an evening. My next cruise is 14 days, I'll probably end up having 30 cocktails/martinis.
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ONE glass of wine (red) and/or ONE mixed drink each evening (fav is a mango mojito).
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Great topic. I'm a Grey Goose Martini straight up dry with a twist of lemon before dinner, a bottle of wine with dinner and sometimes more wine during the show. I don't usually drink at all during the day but at 5pm, watch out!!!!
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A lot of wine (sauv. blanc) and Absolut Pear (although I prefer Grey Goose Pear/Poir) with club soda. A lot of water too. The rule of thumb is 1 glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately you live in a bathroom, but that's OK.
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Originally posted by smitch588
I do looove my margaritas when it's hot and sunny! If it is all inclusive (which is usually the only kind I go on) I drink a good amount. If I have to pay, I only drink maybe one drink a's not super necessary for me but when it's free, why not!
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Some nights six or seven Long Island ice teas carnival makes a great one don't drink during the day and we bring a lot of vodka with us about 500-700$ on a 7day cruise
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Umm..I think our last bill was 800.00 on a 5 nighter. This was about 90% booze. This time we are both getting packages..him the beer one..Me the booze and beer one..I go hard like that

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Usually about 1-2 day drinks, then some pre-dinner cocktails, wine with dinner and drinks at the casino or nightclub til the wee hours

DH and I average about $75 per person per day on drinks. Drink prices are pretty much what we're used to paying at home and much less if we make the quick trip to NYC.

We're still debating on bringing wine on board for our first NCL cruise next week. Also probably going to try to get some Bacardi Torched Cherry on for DH (NCL doesn't carry it )
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Originally posted by INeedAMaiTai
How much I consume is different than what I pay for. I bring my own wine, smuggle my own booze so I only buy a mixer or use juice from room service, and will probably have one to two cocktails an evening. My next cruise is 14 days, I'll probably end up having 30 cocktails/martinis.
How do you smuggle booze? I'm a first-time cruiser (sailing in July), and I've heard that they actually go through your luggage to make sure you don't have any alcohol. I'd love some tips! :P
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Originally posted by gem114
How do you smuggle booze? I'm a first-time cruiser (sailing in July), and I've heard that they actually go through your luggage to make sure you don't have any alcohol. I'd love some tips! :P

There is actually a thread somewhere about how to smuggle booze, maybe on the Carnival threads.... They WILL take full bottles out of your luggage and give them back to you at the end of the cruise (no, I have not tried this, only read about it...they leave a note in your luggage). I have also read about guys (and I'm sure some gals) bringing flasks or filling smaller toiletry bottles with booze. The only time I actually brought any, I put it in a water bottle. I didn't even drink all of it, LOL. A bottle of wine goes a long way for me, as do the two larger beers in a bucket that are mine. I have taken my second bottle back to the room! Depending on if we buy a nice wine or bottle of champagne during the week, the price we spend can vary considerably. Although we have never done the booze package, we often buy the wine package for dinner. In port, the ABC stores and bars offer cheap alternatives if you want to avoid the ship prices, but not always.

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Christine and Bill

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Maybe 2 cocktails during one week cruise... I dont care for beer
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I always drink on cruises. But on my last cruise I drank over $900 bucks worth of booze. I got the alcohol package which was $400. But I was able to keep track. That is the most I have ever consumed on a cruise. I love Martinis, shots, mixed drinks and beer.
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2-4 drinks per day, depending if I have a drink or some wine with dinner. We also like to sometimes do the drink tastings on NCL like the martini tasting and the margarita tasting. Then I'm pretty much done for the day lol!
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Storied cocktails (e.g., Aviation, Sazerac, even a true Mai Tai made with Orgeat) are hard to find on a cruise ship due to the limited stock of premium spirits and appropriate mixers. Pretend or knockoff substitutes (e.g., not using agave nectar in a reposado Margarita) are just so wrong. So, our pre or post dinner cocktails usually consist of something simple like a Sapphire Martini (made dry by isolation of the Vermouth molecule) or whatever I can convince the bartender to make from available ingredients.
Being from NorCal, we seldom have lunch or dinner without wine (though, again, finding stellar choices -even among the better bottles - takes some sleuthing). And we pass on any special shipboard events that suggests you can appreciate the finer points of multiple wine varieties in a single sitting that also includes "food pairings."
I seldom drink beer unless it's Guiness with corned beef on St. Paddy's or a good IPA with the likes of a pulled pork sandwich.
On a sea day, a morning Grey Goose Bloody Mary is a possibility. Not much for "night caps" except for a once-in-a-rare-while warm B&B.
On Oceania, we find the premier package allows us the necessary flexibility to responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages.
Speaking of responsible drinking, I am reminded of an acquaintance known for the saying: "I know my limit. But, I usually pass out before I reach it."
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Originally posted by gem114
How do you smuggle booze? I'm a first-time cruiser (sailing in July), and I've heard that they actually go through your luggage to make sure you don't have any alcohol. I'd love some tips! :P

Don't do it. It is so bush league.
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Originally posted by Hlitner
A wise man (perhaps he was a "wise guy") once said that if you can remember how much you drank, you have not drank (or is it drunk) enough

Well it may have been some guy saying it to begin with, but now when I repeat that I'll be sure to say "Hank said..."

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We have never bought a drink package, but we will each have one on our upcoming cruise because of Explore 4. On our past cruises, we have tended to start our cruise by grabbing a DOD when we board. We have a few more mixed drinks that day, maybe 4 or 5 each. I would say the daily average is 3 to 7 drinks in a day, spaced out over the day.

I especially like wine with dinner, so I buy an average of two full bottles over the course of a week, and that's just to be consumed at dinner. I find wines by the glass to be even more expensive than buying it by the bottle on a cruise. We like the martini tastings\flights, we do that once during a cruise too. Our bill at the end of the cruise has always been between $800 and $900, but that covered not just drinks but specialty restaurants and any other incidentals bought onboard, like snacks from the gift shop, or bottles of liquor bought onboard to take home.
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