I was delighted to see this thread. We sailed on Enchanted Isle's last cruise for Commodore, landing in New Orleans on December 23, 2000. This was the second half of a RT from Big Easy. We caught it in San Juan for 11 days. I remember many chats with the ship's doctor, a "retired" GP from New York who had attended Regis High School with a couple of guys who were my classmates at Georgetown. I also remember - an entertainer whose claim to fame was that he could juggle bowling balls - a very cute singer who did her own great arrangement of "Summertime" - a two man real Jamaican steel drum combo playing Christmas carols on the back deck at night - the Captain who was very available around the ship. We have been on fancier ships, but this was our second cruise after a Carnival Mexican Riviera, and the contrast was delightful.
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