Canal: Interesting History, Background, etc.??!!

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Finally, as we sail away from the canal and Panama City, here is a special angle on a new Panama Canal Museum with a very interesting and contemporary design. Plus, a wide view of the Panama City skyline.:

Sorry, I lost the quote box and my phone doesn't have square brackets.

I love the pics and narrative Terry. I just found a great short video I will add as soon as I stop drowning at work.

One quick correction. The bright building is the bio museum. Sorry, can't spell it the Spanish way on my phone either. It has displays on bio diversity and natural history of Panama. It was on our to do list, but we spent too much time at Casco Viejo and didn't want to take a chance of missing the last bus.

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That is the Museum of Biodiversity or Biomuseo. It was designed by Frank Gehry who has designed a number of edgy modern art types of buildings such as the Museum of Pop Cultrue in Seattle. Guess I just don't get it... looks like Sanford and Son lost a load of sheet metal destined for the scrap yard... sorry .

This leads me another interesting building that Terry grabbed a shot of in one of his great pictures of the skyline of Panama City. As DianeinNY mentioned, I think many are surprised by how modern Panama's skyline is, specially when you have been treated by the looks of Colon, not so pleasant. Terry took a picture of what I think is a most eye catching building (pic below), it is officially called the Revolution Tower, it has a nickname which I will post further down.

The Revolution Tower by Terry

A couple of years ago while on a tour in Panama City I snapped this of the Revolution Tower. Looks like a bunch CD jewel cases stacked on top of one another and given a twist. Locally it has the nickname Screw Tower. Looks like it is getting ready to auger its way up through the clouds. This is more my kinda of "edgy" architecture!

To those of you who have done a Canal transit without at least a stop in either Colon or Ft. Amador (for Panama City) another Canal cruise may just be the ticket!
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Appreciate these updates, added information and the great follow-up from Bill and Ann. Yes, it's fun exploring and seeing these various cultures, lifestyles, history, etc. Very special and interesting in seeing the Panama Canal and learning about its creation/construction.

Getting ready in six days to be departing for Lisbon and our first visit to Portugal. Then, we will be seeing NW Spain, Bordeaux and Brittany also for the first times in these charming regions. Will do a live/blog for these "adventures". Join in and feel free to ask any questions as we sail.

THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio

Panama Canal? Just completed Feb. 28-Mar. 15, 2017, Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco adventure through the Panama Canal with our first stops in Colombia, Central America and Mexico, plus added time in the great Golden Gate City. Lots of fun pictures!! Those pictures start on the second page, post #26. See more at:
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Originally posted by TLCOhio
Yes!! Appreciate these excellent reminders on getting this "The Path Between the Seas" book by David McCullough from 1977. Wow!! Didn't realize that it was 40 years ago that this book was written. But for covering this unique history from more than a hundred years ago, it still works well.

Have log on to our local library's website and have a reserved placed for this historic book. Will be getting it shortly and reading it!

THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio

Enjoyed a 14-day, Jan. 20-Feb. 3, 2014, Sydney to Auckland adventure, getting a big sampling for the wonders of "down under” before and after this cruise. Go to:
for more info and many pictures of these amazing sights in this great part of the world. Now at 167,241 views for this posting.
I got this book for my husband for $9.95 on Amazon. We have free shipping.
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Originally posted by Crusin5252
I got this book for my husband for $9.95 on Amazon. We have free shipping.
YES, that was a good and smart $10 investment in getting this book for your husband. Excellent prep for sailing through the Panama Canal.

LATEST ADVENTURE??!!: Just got back from three weeks in Europe doing five days in Lisbon, sailing from Portugal, seeing for the first time NW Spain, Bordeaux, Brittany, etc. Great sights and sites! Below are a few "samples" to prove the value for exploring these wonderful areas. For many more pictures and full details, check out this live/blog:

THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio

AFRICA?!!?: Lots of interesting and dramatic pictures can be seen from this live/blog at:
Now at 32,521 views for this visual sharing including Cape Town, along South Africa’s coast, Mozambique, Victoria Falls/Zambia and Botswana's famed Okavango Delta area.

For Sintra north of Lisbon, here is one small visual sampling. Yes, as we told our grandsons, these are "Real Castles!". Really have learned lots on the unique history of Portugal.:
(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger!)

From Porto, during our first trip to Portugal, we loved doing a small-craft sailing along their historic town areas near where Port wines are stored and sold.:

At the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the art is mostly about the building. Lighting and time of day when photo shooting allows for much creativity as to how you can capture this structure, its outdoor art, the inside drama, etc. Not your grandfather's museum! Like?:

Here is one quick visual sample from being in Bordeaux. If you love history and architecture, this is the super place to be!!. Like the little boy enjoying the water experience?:

During our Guernsey Island visit off of the French coast, we did our ship's "Powerboat Seascape Expedition". Great fun and sightings! Isn't this puffin cute?? Plus, lots of seal, beach, sea gull, etc., actions and activities.:

After the cruise concluded in Rouen, we finished with in-depth time in Brittany and to finish with a stop at Monet's Giverny before flying out from Paris' de Gaulle airport.:
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From the Wall Street Journal this morning, they have this headline: Panama Canal’s Big Bet Is Paying Off with these highlights: Panama’s $5 billion investment to expand its century-old canal is paying off as shipping lines send more U.S.-bound cargoes through the passage instead of the Suez Canal. Ships nearly three times as large as the ones crossing before the expanded locks opened in June of 2016 are bringing tens of millions of additional dollars in tolls and a trading boom to U.S. East Coast ports. Since the start of the year, transiting tonnage at the Panama Canal has increased by nearly 23%. Last week marked the 2,000th transit of a ship that wouldn’t have fit through the old locks.

Interesting article and background on this major project and canal expansion. In March, we traveled through the older, historic canal, but we could see many aspects related to this new passage way. This article also noted: "The Panama Canal is also helping U.S. exporters of natural gas send bigger loads to Asian markets. The new locks took nine years and cost $5.4 billion. The locks allow vessels moving up to 14,800 containers to cross, while the old locks, which still operate, can only handle ships carrying up to 5,000 containers."

Full story at:

THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio

For details and visuals, etc., from our July 1-16, 2010, Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise experience from Copenhagen on the Silver Cloud, check out this posting. This posting is now at 220,190 views.