Seattle Cruise Terminal -- Pier 66

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DH and I will be departing on an NCL cruise from the Seattle Pier 66 terminal in September and, though we've cruised into Seattle before, we've never departed from there, so we have several questions from those who have departed from there.

1. What time does cruise check-in at the terminal open...? (Not actual boarding, which we know is later, just the actual passenger check in.)

2. We have a priority embarkation perk associated with our cabin. Is check-in done INSIDE the terminal...or not until after we've boarded the ship...? (We've had it done both ways on previous previous cruises.)

2. For other departures, we've gone through a security (similar to those at airports), so we assume there is a security check point here before boarding the ship. Is the security check done before or after cruise check in...?

Thanks so much for any helpful insights...

(Posted this also in the Alaska forum...since most Alaska cruises leave from Vancouver or Seattle.)
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Pier 66 is Smith Cove and a taxi ride from downtown Seattle - about a 10 min ride...
there is NOTHING at Smith Cove... not even a coffee shop only a coffee wagon outside with pic nic tables...

As to time of boarding totally depends on the cruise line... check your documents..
As to security - always
As to customs depends on what your first port of call is... if it is a USA port no customs

Just got our documents and surprisingly it says check in starts at 10:30am - you better believe I will be there by 10 to be first in line!
Yes we are boarding at Pier 66 ...
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Originally posted by BCHappyGal
Pier 66 is Smith Cove and a taxi ride from downtown Seattle
Pier 66 is actually the Bell Street cruise terminal and is actually closer down toward the center of the waterfront--closer to Pike Place Market (etc.). Pier 91 is Smith Cove...just a bit further away.

Just make sure you go to the right pier for your embarkation...and have a fabulous time...!
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