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Originally posted by riclop
Is a waste of $$$. IMO
I am soooooo tempted to post this on every FTTF thread so that maybe it wouldn't always be sold out when I want it.
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Yes it's worth it. The last couple days on the ship I want to remove my gratuity and the line can be quite long. FTTF has its own line so the wait is short.
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We never get it for a few reasons.

First DH needs wheelchair assistance to embark and disembark at the start and end of the cruise so early boarding isn't an issue We don't have to wait long in special line to check-in with the first chair/pusher BUT ... we're then dropped off in a special needs area where we have to wait for a 2nd chair and pusher to be available to a board. We never beat others we entered the terminal with getting aboard. (although DH couldn't cruise without the assistance so it's totally not a problem for us)

Secondly, we check all bags except for a rolling tote bag which is not a problem to take it with us to have lunch and then an umbrella drink waiting for the cabins to be ready around 1:30.

If I have an issue that I need to go to Guest Services I try to drop by when it's not likely to be busy and it's never a long wait in that case. I use the kiosks every couple of days to check the accuracy of my bill.
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Originally posted by TNcruising02
I am soooooo tempted to post this on every FTTF thread so that maybe it wouldn't always be sold out when I want it.

Lol that's really funny!
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I have an upcoming cruise leaving out of San Juan. We have a junior suite so I am waffling back and forth on getting FTTF. I have cruised with and without it. I see value in buying it but it seems like a duplication with having a suite. My primary reason for getting would be cabin access. There are no tender ports. Since we don't leave until 10 pm I could take my luggage to the room and leave the ship and spend the day exploring San Juan. With just the suite I could board but I wouldn't have early access to my stateroom to drop off my luggage. How soon can non diamond/platinum/FTTF access their staterooms when leaving out of San Juan? Is 1:30 pm like the rest of the fleet or later? If it only 1-2 hours early stateroom access than I will probably skip it. The GS line is nice but I just make it point to go at times when the line is shorter w/o FTTF.
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Following.... we are booked in a family Harbor Suite over Christmas. I called to confirm that that means that we will get some of the priority benefits. But not all. Fttf is currently sold out for our cruise, but I am curious if there's any point in ever getting it on top of suite benefits.
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Originally posted by Havingfun2010
Depends. Do you want to pay Carnival for items that are free? If so, and you want to gain an extra 15 minutes than it is worth it. For me, I think people give Carnival enough money, and paying for free items is just silly.

How did you calculate saving 15 minutes ?