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Florida (WI native!)
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We were on the Glory a few weeks ago and every time we walked by the library, it was in use by many people who were playing cards, reading, or perusing the book selection. We've never seen a library as busy as that one was!

While we don't use the library on ships, but would likely visit if there's a wine bar or self-serve beer machine. :-)
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It is very obvious that this space can be better used to not only serve the majority of the cruisers, put to possibly make Carnival more money. It's said to say that libraries everywhere are taking a hit due to tablets, audio-books and the internet.
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I wish they would make them into a combo library/coffee shop. One wall could be lined with bookshelves and books. Nothing better than a great cup of coffee while reading a good book!!
Shalimar, FL
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HAL libraries are being phased out. No one is happy about it except perhaps the bean counters. The libraries were one of the most used public spaces on the HAL ships. Sad.

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Charlotte, NC
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I think many of us would use the library more if we were on a cruise up north (Alaskan, New England, etc.) rather than a Caribbean cruise. Our last cruise we opted to play our games and read outside over the library because the weather was incredible and the views amazing.

On other cruises it has always been easy to find an interior area where there were not a bunch of people hanging out or on one of the shaded decks if you wanted quiet. Everyone was outside.

We were on one cruise where the library had a bar inside and the self-serve wine (Sunshine?), and truly that bar tender looked bored out of his mind because there was absolutely no one in there. He perked up when we walked in, but we were just going in there to sit down and look at some excursion brochures. Also the self-serve wine was not included in Cheers, so people weren't just popping in to use that feature.

Based on my experience, I can understand why they may be looking at it to see if it is still something that is a necessity with so many people reading their books digitally these days and the libraries not being overly used when the weather is wonderful for the majority of their cruises. Those of you who really enjoy the library should try to ensure you tell Carnival so that you get your voices weighed into the decision.
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I also bring my Kindle and have so many books downloaded on it I haven’t even read them all yet. If I want to nice quiet place to read I go on my balcony that way I’m outside I still see the view I still have the ocean.

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I love the idea of the library, but of the ships I've been on, they are way too small. Not enough tables for games or chairs for reading. We have to find empty bars for game playing. Not usually a problem. but the tables are small. Sure, we can go to the Lido, but the idea is to get away from the crowds.

So don't take them away...make them BIGGER.
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I love the library and read almost anything I can get my hands on in my "real" world...but I have never used it on a cruise ship and from what I have observed walking by etc...very few else do definitely think the space could be used for something that MORE cruisers will enjoy then currently....I just think there is too much more exciting things to do then play a "bored" game on vacation etc....but of course to each their own....
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And one more thing...It is the height of hypocrisy to celebrate a reading pioneer (Dr. Seuss breakfast & parade) and at the same time consider getting rid of the libraries.[/quote]

I so agree with this!
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Never a decent selection of books, but it is a decent place to play board games or work on a laptop if you happen to need to work while on a sailing. Mid-30s and wouldn’t be too pained to see it go. Plenty of quiet places on a ship to do your thing and the books can still be borrowed off the shelves of a coffee shop motif.
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I'm not going to lie, I used the library on a few occasions and not for reading. I have used it to just chill out and have some serious quite time. Ecspecially after a rough night of Manhattans.
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We enjoyed hanging out in the Library this past cruise on Liberty - a good quiet place to go for my Mom, especially when the seas were rough.

Weird thing though: my wife and I were on Liberty in Dec 2017, just three months ago, and we both could swear that the library used to be bigger that what it now is. But we suspect it is just that we have been watching YouTube videos of the other Carnival ships and are mixing memory banks (we sail on Sunshine in Dec of this year, for example, so we were checking it out).
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Dallas, TX
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I bring hundreds of books with me on my cruises. All of them are on my Kindle. On my last cruise, I read several novels.... On my phone. I think the idea of enjoying books on a cruise is alive and well. I just don't think there are that many people who don't travel with reading material.

I scanned the titles in the library on my last cruise, but all the books I actually read I brought with me.

I am not sure the ships need another coffee shop, but maybe there is a compromise use of the space that would work better?
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United States
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Originally posted by BookDragon
LOVE this idea!!!
I like the idea too. Clever. Could be a fun themed night.

But they do chefs table in some libraries that probably gets more $$$ per person. Maybe a dinner mystery theater in the library?

I like the library, but I "get it". Kindle's and Nook's, along with Carnivals main demographics and short cruises, has made dedicated spaces for libraries a suboptimal use of space.

Maybe Carnival could get epub or other text versions of popular books and charge something like $1 per title to rent it for a week. A couple of shelfs/book exchange for real books would be nice somewhere onboard still though.
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Originally posted by comiso13
very good observation, i mean it. They are always looking for ways to increase their profits. For those who like quiet and to play games or read, I've heard of people finding bars that werent open and using that quiet space. But you have to bring your own games (deck of cards?) or books. Not sure if Carnival allows closed bars to be used that way, but it is a possible alternative.
1. Of course they are always looking at ways to increase profits, they're a business. 2. We've played cards at a closed down Alchemy bar many, many times.
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Originally posted by LMaxwell
I like the idea too. Clever. Could be a fun themed night.

But they do chefs table in some libraries that probably gets more $$$ per person. Maybe a dinner mystery theater in the library?

I like the library, but I "get it". Kindle's and Nook's, along with Carnivals main demographics and short cruises, has made dedicated spaces for libraries a suboptimal use of space.

Maybe Carnival could get epub or other text versions of popular books and charge something like $1 per title to rent it for a week. A couple of shelfs/book exchange for real books would be nice somewhere onboard still though.
I also like the Murder mystery idea for the evenings! I had planned to attend the Dr. Seuss breakfast , wearing my custom personalized Seuss librarian shirt...but now I’m just not feeling it. It feels like another ploy for more profits and not the celebration of reading I had imagined. I had also planned on bringing some of my “weeded” best sellers from my library to donate...still thinking on that one.
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Put some non-smoking slots or mini slot machines in there. I’m a smoker, but maybe it would make the folks that are bother by smoke in the casino happy.... WINNING

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You know, I was just thinking about how I wanted another space for Carnival to sell me something... the demise of the library could help to create the next pay-for-what-you-want venue.
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Every Single cruise I have been on I have used the library. Sometimes it's for reading on my kindle and sometimes it's to play cards and games with my family. There should be at least one place on the ship that is not driven by $$$. Unless it's to put in a Male Revue which performs Magic Mike Live all day so I can find use for my useless dollar bills on board.
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