What kinds of prizes have you won on a Carnival Cruise?

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Beer. Lots of beer. More beer than we could possibly drink. Winning trivia in the Red Frog pub. Seems like we couldn't lose. We kept winning those big yard of beer things. We set up pints for the entire bar a couple of evenings.
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In no specific order.. well starting with the one that hurts most
* Cruise on horizon in Europe, balcony, and cheers package for april 2018
* one night in casino i spent $300.00 and won 13 handpay jackpots, between 1300 and 3900.00 each, so much so people thought my machine was rigged .. they were all on same machine sometimes only minutes apart. went home with so much cash i had to split with family as we acn only take 10k across the canadian border.( yes i have pictures of the jackpots!)
* 785.00 in casino game called take it or leave it, my name was drawn to pick a box...
* bottle of wine at shore talk
* charm bracelet at shore talk
* sapphire and diamond necklace from diamonds international
* 37 ships on stick
* multiple champagne
* i have won slot tournament 6 times at $500.00 and twice at lower amounts
* space in 100k slot tournament on dream
* space in 200K slot tournament
* Space in 100l blackjack tournament
*piece of art
* draws in casino many times for various amounts of cash
( i wasnt there when my name was drawn for free horizon for two in balcony, so they picked someone else ) waaaa
Im sure there are other things i just dont remember
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Dec 23 B2B 6 nt Horizon W
Dec 15B2B 8 nt Horizon s
Sep 16 - 14 nt Journeys S
Apr 28 B2B2B - MSC Seaside 7 nt E
Apr 21 B2B2B Glory 7 nt W
Apr 14 - B2B2B Glory 7 nt E


Jan 14 - Splendor 13 nt Journeys Panama Canal

Dec 1 - Sunshine 8 nt ULTRA Eastern
Oct 8 - B2B2B2B2B Splendor 6 nt E
Oct 1 - B2B2B2B2B Vista 6 nt W
Sept 23 -B2B2B2B2B Glory 7nt W
Sept 16 - B2B2B2B2B Glory 7 nt E
Sept 9 - B2B2B2B2B Glory 7 nt W
Aug 10- B2B Sensation 4 nt W
Aug 5 - B2B Sensation 5 nt E
May 15 - B2B Sunshine 10 nt E Journeys
May 6 - B2B Sunshine 8 nt S
Mar 18 - Conquest 8 nt S
Jan 30 – B2B2B Victory 4 nt West
Jan 22 – B2B2B Splendor 7 nt W
Jan 15 – B2B2B Splendor 7 nt E

Nov 27 – B2B Vista 6 nt Elite W
Nov 16 – B2B Vista 11 nt Journeys S
Oct 29 - Conquest 8 nt S
July 30- Glory7 nt Ex W
May 1 - B2B Vista INAUGURAL CRUISE 13 nt Europe
May 14 B2B - Vista 10 nt Europe

Nov 1 - B2B Breeze MILESTONE 25th! 6 nt W
Nov 7 - B2B Breeze DIAMOND CRUISE 8 nt E
Sept 27 - B2B Sensation 4 nt Bahamas
Sept 19 - B2B - Sunshine 8 nt E
July 27 - Splendor 8 nt E
July 4 - Breeze 8 nt S
May 7 - Legend 11 nt Hawaii
Mar 2 - Triumph 12 nt W

Nov 7 - Liberty 8 nt E
Sept 13 - Breeze 8 nt E
Jun 24 - Miracle 7 nt Alaska
Mar 30 - Conquest 7 nt E

Dec 28, - Dream 7 nt E
June 9, - Legend -PLATINUM- 12 nt Med

Apr 2 - Miracle- 8 nt S
Nov 17 - Oasis of the Seas- 7 nt W

June 11 Dream 7 nt E
May 8 B2B Liberty - 7 nt W
May 1 B2B Liberty 7 nt

Dec 30 - B2B Miracle 8 nt W
Dec 22 - B2B Miracle 8 nt S

Dec 6 Liberty B2B 7 nt W
Nov 29 Liberty B2B 7 nt E

Dec 17 Valor B2B 7 nt E
Dec 10 Valor B2B 7 nt W
Jan 2, 2005 Victory 7 nt W
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On my last Carnival cruise I won while playing Bingo. I got $130 and a bingo lanyard.

On my first Norwegian cruise I bought a bingo card packet. They gave me a ticket for a drawing. I decided to get one more packet before the bingo started, so I got another ticket for the drawing. I ended up with my name being called twice in the drawings, so I won two prizes. One prize was a ticket to the ice bar. I can't remember what the other one was. Then I also won one of the bingo games. It was probably annoying to everyone else.
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Originally posted by famof4togo
I met a mom and daughter once who were seasoned cruiser and spent an entire 7 day cruise they were on trying to win or obtain free things...they said they went to EVERY contest, EVERY raffle etc etc etc....in the end they had a bunch of misc. junk...pens....hats....trinkets etc and they did win one decently nice bracelet...but that being said they found it exhausting and very time consuming...most things you must be present to win and some things you must go to a few different events to win etc....so they didn't find it overly fun or worth their time but an interesting experiment to say the least...
Perhaps they should have enjoyed the cruise and gone to the $1 store once they got back.
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A bottle of wine and $500.00 at BINGO same cruise
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DH and I have won 3 ships on a stick between us, in 12 cruises, he won a bottle of champagne, and I have one a players hat.

it's not that we don't play, we just don't care. I do love those plastic ships though.

cruise happy.
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Last year on the Breeze, my 7yr old grandson picked the winning ticket in a jewlery store raffle.
The winner was my 3 yr old granddaughter. Whats the chance of that! True story.
She has a pretty bracelet when she is old enough to wear it.
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At the shopping talk I won an Inch of Gold bracelet. Went into a charity silent auction.
Mom won a ‘beeeuuutiful’ leopard handbag, complete with yellow ‘jeweled’ eyes. When she bought it home the dog started barking. She hasn’t gone to a Shopping Talk since.

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When CCL was old CCL in the late 90's won a lap dance from another passenger is the old school Singles competition
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Ship on a stick...when the kids were actually kids, we made it our goal to earn one for each cruise/ship. Then they grew older around the same time SOAS became less common.

I won a day's Spa access once...that was a nice, nice thing to enjoy!
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On our first Princess cruise we won Elite benefits for the cruise.

On our recent Carnival cruise we were asked to participate in the Playlist Production pre-show. We had to answer a few questions about how we met and how long we have been married. We were given front row seats, a dish of chocolate covered strawberries, bottle of sparkling wine, and a long stemmed rose (the wine bottle made a nice vase for the week).
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On our last Carnival Cruise, waiting at the hotel for the shuttle to the ship, we met a couple who had won their cruise at bingo. Funny enough, they also won another cruise on this trip, again at bingo! No wonder the rest of us never win anything!
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I won an Apple Watch from one of those claw machines in the arcade.

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Won an ipad pro in draw on ultra casino cruise.

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Not me, but my younger brother.

The sports bar had a daily sports trivia tournament, which kept a running tally of your score throughout the week. He won & got a whole bunch of cool EA Sports stuff. Can't remember everything, but I think it was a hat, a $60 giftcard for one of their games, a shirt, a bag, & of course, a ship on a stick.