Travelling with dog and arriving at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on QM2

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I am travelling this summer for the first time on the QM2 with my dog. We'll be arriving at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, and I have tried in vain to get information about the process of disembarkation with a dog. I have looked at other forum threads, but haven't seen a rundown of the procedure in Brooklyn, NY so I would be grateful to those who have made this journey with their pooches to share their insight.

I will be short on hands, as I will have to manage my dog, who is a good size, and our luggage. My questions are very basic and elementary, but it would extremely helpful to have an idea of how the disembarkation will unfold.

1. Will the luggage be collected and taken off the ship for us? I assume so.
2. At what time may we expect to be off the ship and through customs and immigration?
3. How do we manage to get through customs with our animals and all our luggage? Is there a porter for hire?
4. Is it fairly easy to coordinate pick-up from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal? Is there a central place where people can meet and find each other easily?

Any additional information would be appreciated. Many thanks!
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1. Yes. You put suitcases out in front of your cabin by midnight the night before.
2. Not sure if disembarkation is based on your cabin location or the fact you have dog. I have noticed when disembarking at Southampton, the dogs seem to disembark just after or same time as princess grill.
3. Yes. You will have to go through immigration at Brooklyn with dogs and luggage, porters are available in the room where you pick up luggage.
4. Yes.
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In May we disembarked there were quite a few dogs-it seemed that the dogs were so well behaved -one couple had 2 dogs-had a porter and husband seemed to be in control of paper work and wife had 2 dogs on lead-we were fascinated and it seemed to go very smoothly-I know this does not answer your question but may make you feel happier! As soon as the dogs were walking to the mini van that was arranged we had such a good laugh at the way these 2 dogs were sniffing the air and wagging tails as if to say .”Here we come NewYork!”
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Here is a link to a video of disembarking QM2 with dogs, if you have not seen it. It's not comprehensive and it's also Southampton but might help get an idea of how it all works. If the link doesn't work the video is titles 'QM2 Disembark with Dogs'
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Hi! I can give you some details (I am briefly in the above video)

1). You will receive special tags for your bags. These tags are specifically for people who have dogs in the kennels. Make sure they are the tags that are left attached to a sheet of paper that has the disembarkation instructions for dog owners. You leave the bags out in the corridor the night before arrival.

2). You are asked to be in the kennels by 7:30 am. When all the bags for kennel owners are in the terminal disembarkation will start ... and hence the dog parade. Last month this began around 8am. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to get off the ship and all bags for dog owners will be in one spot in the kennels. The grouping of the bags is a result of the special tags.

3). In NYC there are porters and dog owners are usual brought forward to immigration. There was one line for them because there was a fellow who checked rabies certificates.

4). There are lots of cabs but I always leave my car parked at the terminal. There is a general pick up area mere metres from the exit. I was driving away by 9:30-keep in mind there was extra time to go pick up the car, pay the attendant, drive back to terminal and pick up dogs, my travelling companion and the bags.

It is all really easy and well organized. Cunard and the Kennel Masters is an excellent job.

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Thank you kindly for breaking down the disembarkation procedure for me, tag1000! Very much appreciated. I hope your dog and you had a wonderful voyage.