Disembarkation Times and Taxi

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How does disembarkation work on Starclippers? On the big cruise lines, you're given a time slot and if want to walk off with your luggage to save time, you have the first time slots. Disembarkation tends to be mayhem with clearing customs and finding your luggage. We're on the Bali itinerary iin September and I want to book a flight for 11am, and Starclippers told me that that disembarkation is from 7:30 to 9:30. The 7:30 slot will give us enough time to get to the airport, 9:30 wouldn't. From what I read, the airport is fairly close about 20-30 minutes away, but that depends on the traffic.

Has anyone taken a taxi from the port to the airport? Wondering how easy it is to get a taxi. I read that most of the taxis are hoping for tourists to rent the taxi for the day and aren't as interested in doing airport runs.

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Because of the relatively small number of passengers on the ship, there is no need for time slots for disembarkation; if you want to leave the ship at 7.30 am then you can do so without any fuss - just hand in your cabin keys and you will be given your passport and off you go.

I haven't yet been to Bali (we're on the Bali - Singapore voyage in October) so can't comment on the taxi situation there.
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There is no disembarkation scheduling issues on Star Clippers. There are not enough people to make this an issue.

There will be a desk set up in the lounge for payment and pick up of passports. In my experience your luggage will be lined up on the deck of the tropical bar. You pick up your own bags and take them down the gangway. Crew is generally available to help anyone who needs it. You proceed on your own through customs and immigration.

I have been to Bali recently (March) but not on Star Clipper and didn't disembark there. Security was pretty tight with scanning of hand luggage and passport checks. It was smoothly handled though, with little delay. We were on a 680 passenger ship. There were ample taxi available outside the gate. Yes, there were lots of guys trying to sell tours. We had a tour booked and were met so I didn't pay attention to the taxi line. If it is a disembarkation day I am sure the taxi drivers will be aware and will be expecting fares to the airport.

Perhaps someone who has disembarked there can specifically answer the airport taxi question.
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We got off Royal Clipper yesterday, once you pay your bill in Tropical Bar they return your passports, you can then leave the ship. The luggage was left outside cabin night before and collected ashore in Venice.

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