We had gotten instructions off of cruise critic on how to get to the metro(subway)and get to the acropolis. We're fairly sharp, but we got LOST! We figured out that, depending where your ship actually docks, the directions can be different. When you get off the ship, follow the rest of the cattle to the area where all the taxis are waiting. There's a big circle there at the end of the red-roofed building(port authority). Walk up the hill to the the street and turn left. (East) In an 1/8 mile or so, the road bends left, look to the North-East for the tallest building you can see. That's near where you are going. In 1/2 mile or so, you will come to a park-like area on your right, you will go left at that intersection. Very shortly after, the road forks and you want to stay left. At this point here, make sure you can always see a ship on your left so you know you are still close to the docks. In another 1/4 mile or so, look for a walkway that passes over the street and go under it to the right. The building on your left is the metro station. THERE ARE NO SIGNS! You will find a ticket window inside. Tell them you want to go to Thissio, it's the 6th stop I think. It cost us .80 euro each, each way. Buy a round trip so you don't have to buy another when you come back! You have to stamp the ticket in a little machine near where you get on the metro.(it stamps the time) When you arrive at Thissio and get off the train, there's a big map on the wall that shows where you are and where the Acropolis is so take a look, but it's easy to find from there. When you come up out of the metro, turn right on the road there-you'll be walking slightly uphill and as soon as you pass the area that's like a park you will see the parthenon at the top of the hill. You can't miss the main entrance, you'll see tons of tour buses there. The ticket booth is pretty easy to find and they give you a huge ticket that has several pull-off's on it so you can enter the various other parts of the Acropolis. To get back, make SURE you enter the metro from the other side of the street to go back to Piraeus. The trip takes about 45 -60 minutes including the walk so allow for the time. We got lost, spent alot of time at the Acropolis and stopped at a cafe for lunch and still got back way before the ship was to leave. I hope this helps someone!
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