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My better half will be 60 at the end of Nov' this year. I know she would like to go on a cruise and as she comes from the caribbean but has only been back once this seems like the right idea.
Plus we did go on a cruise once before , years ago when the kids were young on a very small Thompson boat. I was bored but she loved it.
So I know I want a big boat with lots going on. We're looking at a P&O 7 day cruise (Britania B7232B) They've only got inside rooms left and at the moment these look like they'll cost us a bit over £2600
My questions are will we hate an inside room ? Is this price reasonable? Should I look elsewhere.?
Any general advice for novices please.


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Assuming you would be sailing out of Barbados, you might want to check Carnival Fascination - about $1500 for two in an ocean view - does your quoted fare include air? If you are open to other ports , you might get good deals from Miami or Fort Lauderdale - but a lot will depend on air fare.

Some people do not mind inside cabins - I will not want to have one again - now that I'm spoiled, I shoot for a balcony, or an ocean view at the least.
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Inside cabins are fine for us as we only use the cabin for sleeping and getting washed and changed. I would go for 2 weeks if possible as the price is very similar to 1 week price, Azura will also be in the Caribbean during November and is very similar to Britannia only not as new.
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If you have the time you could do the Caribbean round trip from Southampton on Arcadia that leaves on November 22nd and returns on December 16th. However, you need to like sea days!
Personally, unless you are really short of time, I wouldn't recommend going to the Caribbean just for a week. The cost per day is significantly more per day than for two weeks, due to the airfare, and jet lag means that for the first 2 days of your holiday you will not be feeling your best.
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You'll need to also consider air line cost.
It may not be worthwhile for only a week.
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Just checking the prices- I see that it's £1,219pp up to Nov 25th, and £1,199pp from Nov 25th.
This includes air fare, which will be on a chartered aeroplane, and there will be coaches from there to the ship.
I think it's a reasonable price for being transported from your home airport to the ship, a cruise and transport back to the UK... Have you seen that the fortnight cruises are only a few £100 more? We usually reckon on £100 pp per night is an average price, but you have 9 hour flights each way as well.
Yes, we use indoor cabins, and have no problems with that.
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Welcome to Cruise Critic.

Inside cabins -- not for us -- JMO.

You really need to talk to a TA in your country -- UK??
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