Carnival's Snuba Excursion safe?

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Our kids are 9 & 11 and I'm a little concerned about this being a safe activity. From what I've read, most scuba accidents occur in the last 15 feet of ascending. Apparently if you hold your breath your lungs can literally explode. No different than scuba I guess, but the minimum age for that is 12 where snuba is 8. We really want to try this but that kinda scares me. Has anyone done this? Did you feel safe? Would you do it with kids this age?
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Minimum age to get junior open water certified to scuba dive is 10 years old. Yes snuba would be just the same as scuba in regards to holding your breath will cause your lungs to expand. The result COULD mean shooting to the surface because of the expanded air inside your body wanting to treat you like a balloon and it could also cause your lungs to explode. Other thing to consider is the pressure going under water causes on the body. If your child (or even an adult) has even a slight cold or congestion it would make it difficult if not impossible to "equalize" the pressure in his or her ears which could then also cause some serious inner ear issues. If your child desends and is not equalizing the pressure they could rupture their ear drums which would ruin your trip and could cause some serious damage to their hearing. If I had a 9 year old I would be very skeptical about taking them snuba diving unless they are 110% comfortable swimming underwater with a snorkel and mask and I know they could equalize their ears properly. If your child can swim to the bottom of a 10-12' deep pool and not feel any ear pain then they will likely be ok with equalizing their ears. I have taken my 8 year old nephew scuba diving in a swimming pool and he did great but I would not take him into 30' of water personally.
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