Anyone booked through Coral Breezes?

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Hey I'm looking to either book the snorkel/beach tour or the cave tubing and would love a review from some who has done either one. I think they both sound great.
Sunny Florida
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just bqack from cave tubing with coral breezes last week. great adventure. Small groups- 2 guides- very informative about belize and the history, etc.Tubing was very fun- cool water . great caves with rock formations. lunch on the way back was great- marinated chicken and rice & beans. they got us back to ship in plenty of time. If you don't take a tour of some king in belize, not much to do at the port at this time.
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Sue in FL

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Here's a some reviews from a few week ago:

You can see pictures of the tour if you click on my link.
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We went on the snorkel excursion w/ Coral Breezes in Dec. 04. It was wonderful. It was my family's favorite excursion of the cruise. They were very professional from the time we were picked up until we were dropped off. The staff was fun, interesting to talk to, and knowledgable. I strongly recommend this tour company.
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11 of us are booked for the 2/10 snorkeling trip. We saw the bad posts too, but decided to book the trip because overall their reviews have been very positive over the last couple of years. The percentage of positive comments far outweighs the few negative incidents.

I've communicated with Paul by email and he is attentive, informative and responses very quickly. If anything went wrong, I'm sure he would do whatever was necessary to make it right.

A bad day on vacation is better than any good day at work.

IMHO Let's not destroy a great business because of a couple of negative comments.
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I wish I could book the shark ray alley snorkeling tour with CB. They dodn't have a tour the dau the Legend is in Belize. SO now I have to find something else to do.

Any tips???? Still researching!
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Mayne you should e-mail them. I e-mailed them about our day, as they were not scheduled to have a tour that day. Paul e-mailed me back and added the day so we could sign up. We will be on the NCL Sea during June. These cruises were added just recently so the websites listing what dates ships are in port are not accurate.
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I just booked the Shark/Ray Snorkeling and Caye Caulker Exploration Tour (5 hours) after reading all these posts today. The company sounds great, and it seems to cover a little of everything for a day in Belize. We leave February 13th on Carnival Miracle - can't wait! We usually don't do tours - go off on our own - but this sounded like a good one.
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Hey, I just saw that you livein LI NY, whooo we're cruisers! I live in the city. Anyway we leave on Feb 26 and cannot wait, it's too bad we could go together on this. I can't decide the tubing over the shark ray alley? Any one better? I kinda like the tubing because it isn't offered anywhere else.

Also how many Carnival cruises have you been on? I've only sailed Royal and celebrity and LOVE them both.
Long Island, New York
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Originally posted by katienycgrl
Hey, I just saw that you livein LI NY, whooo we're cruisers! I live in the city. Anyway we leave on Feb 26 and cannot wait, it's too bad we could go together on this. I can't decide the tubing over the shark ray alley? Any one better? I kinda like the tubing because it isn't offered anywhere else.

Also how many Carnival cruises have you been on? I've only sailed Royal and celebrity and LOVE them both.
Hey Katie,

Which ship are you sailing on? We've been on 6 (?) previous Carnival Cruises. Before that, I was on 2 Holland American in my younger single days (too old a crowd back then) and the Oceanic for our honeymoon in 1982. After that cruise (my husband's first), he was hooked. We were booked on RCCL Enchantment of the Seas a few years ago (over Easter vacation with our books), but the engines caught fire and our cruise was cancelled 12 days before we were to sail. Thank God Carnival Paradise (nonsmoking ship) had 2 rooms available for us - it wound up being our favorite cruise ever! So, we've never gotten to try RCCL. I love Carnival and know what I'm getting, so I'm kind of afraid to try anything else . . .

Anyway, after booking the Shark/Ray Alley/Caye Cauker last night with Coral Breeze, I was in touch several times today with Paul from there, and he was outstanding!!! Answered every one of my questions in detail and promptly - I'm so glad we're going with them. He knew of the recent bad posts from back in December and said if people had e-mailed him directly (like some did), they would have made things right. I was very happy with his explanations. Would be happy to share the details if anyone else is interested.

I love snorkeling and thought the cave tubing might be kind of rough (and cold water). And Caye Caulker sounded so beautiful - this tour gives you a little of everything . . .

Talk to you soon . . .
Ashley, IN
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Well, I just booked the Shark/Ray Alley tour! I am so excited. One good thing about having snow days is that I get things done!

My DH keeps telling people that I am making him swim with sharks, as if I were trying to get rid of him! He is too funny.

Only have Cozumel left to book, then I think all my ducks will be lined up.
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