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The slot machines are open 24 hrs when allowed.
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Slots open early morning, I'm thinking 9 am and stay open until late, probably 1-2 am. Tables are much more limited hours. I've never seen the casino open 24 hours on any ship.
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When we were on the Eurodam, the casino stayed open until there was only a handful of people left. For our summer cruise, this was typically 2am. Our group shut down the casino every night we were on the ship

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The slots have been on any time we have been around when the ship is at sea and they are allowed to operate.

Casino hours are very late in any case if people are playing. For tables, and whatever.

I haven't gone to check at 4 AM but I am an early riser and while I don't play at that time, the slots were open.
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Originally posted by kazu
Casino hours are very late in any case if people are playing. For tables, and whatever.
Indeed, I witnessed a guest who came in very late (2 AM or later), who placed mountains of $25 and $100 chips anywhere on the roulette table. I guess 5K, maybe 10K each spin. The casino was empty except for him (and me). Even the BJ dealers weren't allowed to go to sleep because he was playing. (Yes, I asked). Thanks to him I could continue playing $10 BJ
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Usually on sea days they advertise they casino is "open until late." That means they will stay open until most passengers have left.
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