Virgins ship interiors - what do you think?

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I watched the reveal and to be honest was left a bit underwhelmed. I realize there is still a lot more to come. I do think the nightclub looks fantastic, and it's nice to see a return of the dedicated nightclub as many cruise lines have abandoned them in favor of "multi-use" spaces which often times don't work well.

For the moment, Celebrity Edge looks much more forward thinking to me and I'm more excited about Edge for the time being. Virgin will probably hook me though, just based on the fact it's adult only in a young and vibrant atmosphere.
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The decor is certainly different and will appeal to a younger cruiser, which I think is the point. But reinventing? Same old structure of cabins with balconies, separate VIP areas, cooking class kitchen, “hip” restaurants, outdoor hangout areas, nightclub - seems like every other cruise ship. The renderings did not meet their earlier description of sleek yacht, at least to me. Still, I think they will be successful.
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To be honest I’m not very impressed on what I’ve seen, I’ll wait to see more reveals but based on what I’ve seem I won’t be rushing to book.
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Maybe in-theory its good to have a cruise ship designed by people never on a cruise ship, but there are many reasons that isn't a great idea. The dinning room seems very cold, I'm not sure I'd like to spend much time there. The theater, for a ship with 2700 seems pretty small, at least in terms of capacity. Richard is a smart guy, so hopefully he will tweak these areas a bit. He needs a theme, and from these pictures, I'm not sure what that theme is.
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Allen & Pam
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Hmmmm. I can definitely see Virgins style shine through, but tend to agree not so revolutionary in design, at least not what they’ve e shown this far.

First impression of 'The Manor' nightclub was that it was a direct take in Royal's 'Music Hall' found onboard their new Quantum class ships. Not that that’s a bad tends to be a very popular venue and great for watching live bands and dancing.

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I was so excited about virgin voyages until I saw the reveal. I love minimalistic design but not when it’s downright cold.

Why would they build a giant “daybed” and then face it inward towards the ship.

You would think on the top deck, the emphasis would be the ocean not a giant orgy mat. I mean seriously, who wants to lounge with 79 strangers together. Saying that, this boat does look super LGBT friendly and I’m sure they have captured that market and that might not be a bad thing. LGBT cruises are super popular and there are 100s of charters every year on the major lines for that demographic.

The dining areas (released) do not impress but the nightclub looks cool. I hope they put some decent sound and lights in it unlike any other cruise line.

Let’s see what the atrium, staterooms and other spaces look like in the coming weeks. I’m not anxious to book this just yet and will definitely try celebrity edge first.

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I'm gonna resond in "Virgin Red", as they call it. While living in Dallas, Texas. I would fly to NYC, or LAX many times, only on Virgin. The atmosphere was very elegant, but laid back. Not to mention the customer service was EXCELLENT. I'm sorry to see that VA was bought by Alaska Airlines. I'm debating to put the $500 down payment on a cruise, not knowing where they will be calling ports on? They are sailing out of Miami, so pretty sure to some of the Islands I've been to. Or are going to within the next year?
As to the pictures, and info I've read. Loving the 18 and up only, will be a different type party atmosphere to look forward to. The layout looks very sophisticated. It has that Branson feel to it. I'm liking the top level layout, looks very cozy. For late night gazing at the stars with your other, or better half? I didn't know how to copy and paste the photos I've seen, but I need to decide quick. Cause I've got 500 bucks waiting to be deposited on some other future cruise, I'm hoping it will be with Virgin Voyages. The first ship is sailing in late 2020. And the pre-deposit space is running thin, least that's what someone told me the other day when I called.
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Originally posted by wwcruisers
Sorry, but I think that the 'pre-sale' ended, back in February (see link).
Oh no, I didn't see tha!! Thanks though! I'm not the only one who can't wait for them to set sail. Gives me more time to save, as I have a cruise booked for early 2020. Now just have to add to the $500 that is on hold for Virgin Voyages!
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I was very excited to hear Virgin was coming out with a cruise line because I thought they would try to appeal to people in their late 20s to early 30s with no kids. I love that it is adults only but the exterior design is definitely not appealing to me. It blows my mind that they would face those daybeds inward. I also do not want to lounge out and have strangers in my space. Bring the ocean feeling inwards, dont cut yourself off from it. I'm not excited about Virgin anymore. I hope they either modify their initial plans or do something to get me excited again.