Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic with kids

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Give them the option to opt out of dining with you every night. They might have fun doing dinner in the buffet and meeting up with other young people. On my crossing there was a couple with 2 children and we only saw them on the formal nights dressed up nicely, otherwise I think the children dined in the buffet while the parents enjoyed dinner "alone" in Britannia.
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Originally posted by safarigal
I did my first crossing on the original Queen Elizabeth as a 9 year old in 1962. It started my addiction - and now we have taken our own children on several Cunard voyages, and they also loved every minute of it.

I am sure you will all have a wonderful time, and will be forming memories to last a life time.

I couldn't agree more. My first crossing was in 1968, also on the original Queen Elizabeth. I was 15 - and the memories remain clear and strong. It began my lifelong addiction to ships and Cunard. You'll be giving your children a priceless gift. And rest assured - based on my experience - there will be other children on board as well.
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I am amazed when I hear stories of my great-nieces and -nephews on cruises. They seem to very quickly develop a responsible attitude. This was not on a Cunard cruise but another line, but I heard of the times that a group of 10-year-old boys would take themselves off to the main dining room for lunch and sit there with aplomb ordering from the menu and behaving themselves.

Your children should enjoy themselves and if they are well-brought-up they will be a joy to the other passengers.
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Originally posted by fantasy51
Your children should enjoy themselves and if they are well-brought-up they will be a joy to the other passengers.

Thanks for your message. I totally agree. We’ve brought our kids on many cruises and other trips where they joined us as we enjoyed long dinners. They’ve actually learned to appreciate these moments and now even enjoy dressing up for special occasions. Therefore, I doubt they’ll want to skip those nice meals and will stay with us. My initial question was more around how we’d fit it in with kids on Cunard than concerns about how they’d appreciate. Thanks to those informative replies, my concerns have been put aside.

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We've done a few summer crossings and always see children on board. They look great all dressed-up for dinner.
I admit that I get a little sad seeing them in that mother changed our reservations on the Queen Mary back when I was a kid and we flew home from Europe instead. At the time I didn't know what I had missed, as I was one of the only kids at my school having flown in a jet. But now I realize how special a crossing can be.

And just think, 50 years from now on the QM4 they will get to go to the special cocktail party for those sailed on the QM2.
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I can't speak to older children, as my children are younger (currently 10 and 12), but we have sailed on Cunard with them twice and have had wonderful experiences. In fact, my 10 year old daughter and I have another sailing booked for the two of us this summer and are quite looking forward to it.

We did a TA crossing on the QM2 when my son was 2 and had a wonderful time. The people on board (especially are waiter in the MDR) loved my son and would dote on him left and right. No one made us or my son feel like he didn't belong.

Our second trip on Cunard was 4 years ago when we did a 7 night cruise on the Queen Victoria through the fjords of Norway. My children were 9 and 7 at the time and we traveled in the Queens Grill. My father and my husband's father were with us on this trip. We had 3 cabins that were next to each other. While the cabins themselves did not connect, they were able to remove the balcony dividers so it was one very large balcony and we could access each other's rooms that way. My children enjoyed spending time in the kids' programs, although they also enjoyed doing the other activities on the ship- one day there was a napkin folding class, and afternoon tea was a big hit. We were welcomed in the Queens Grill every night and my children were treated perfectly. Other passengers even commented on how it was nice to see children enjoying spending time with their grandparents.

This summer my daughter and I will be sailing on the Queen Elizabeth through the Baltic and both of us are very excited.
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We (as an extended family) have done many many many crossings and cruises with children from as young as 18 months to the eldest who is currently 15 years and every single one of them has a ball on board. Be warned though, you may barely see your teens. Our eldest has a wide circle of friends within minutes of boarding and she’s rarely to be seen after that. Everyone is happy and she loves the independence that being on board offers in terms of teen orientated nightlife which she wouldn’t be able to do on dry land. And the Cunard staff have been nothing but welcoming to all of the children.
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Thanks for asking this question! We are travelling next month with our 4 children, 6 to 12. They are beyond excited. We have 3 rooms booked, with an adult in each room. Our 11 and 12 year old will be in a the same room once we board, and the 6 and 8 year with their grandmother. We have had repeated conversations about manners with the 11 and 12 year old. If they lose the privilege of their own room, they can expect the wrath from their parents! Since we are "officially" split, we will be asking for an additional room key so my husband and I have access to all 3 rooms. Our travel agent checked with Cunard and they said to just ask for the additional keys on check-in. We have pre-paid gratuities, but I do plan to tip our room steward/s a little extra at the beginning of the trip. :-) Our rooms are not side by side, but very close together. And the children all have interior rooms, mostly for safety!

My children love traveling and excited (mostly) about dressing up. We plan to let them attend dinner with us as often as they'd like. But I also fully expect to have a few child-free nights! The only time I worry about behavior is while in they're in the room. Alone. But I know they'll be okay. Most likely quietly playing their video games away from the harassment of their parents!