Vancouver Port disembarking ship

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Vancouver = Canada
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Does anyone know.... when we leave the ship, (April 25th) Hubby will be in a wheelchair (assist by crew) and I use a walker... Once we have our luggage is there someone to help get us and our baggage to the taxi stand? No way i can manage on my own and hubby will have a sling for his arm...
Thank you in advance....
Vancouver = Canada
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Thank you... where do you go to get a porter to assist you all the way to the taxi stand?
Sorry to ask but have never had to rely on help before...
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I haven't debarked in Vancouver, but at every other port, porters are available as soon as you get into the luggage collection area. Sometimes there is a separate line to wait in if you want a porter. They usually have their own line for immigration so they can get in and out.
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trust your on the Star coming from hawaii! I am getting on after you for a 10 day california cruise.

My dad uses a chair and as you know you will be asked to meet in one of the lounges where Princess staff will take all chairs off the ship. You might have to wait a while as they have limited staff and usually takes a while.

When we did this in September we were the last off the ship, the porters where already gone from the pick up luggage area and gone to start boarding new passengers.Waited about 20 minutes for someone to go out to drop off area and get one for us.

Bring your patience! The taxi line is long and even wheelchairs have to wait in the line
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Originally posted by Eaglecw
I think you might have a hard time finding a Porter on April 25th in Vancouver. I just looked at the berthing calendar and the only ship coming into Vancouver that week is the Ruby on Friday April 27th. What ship are you on?
Another case of an 'amalgamate various port schedules into one place' site being incorrect. The schedule on the port website clearly shows Star Princess arriving from Hawaii on April 25th. The draft sched from late Dec last year even had the Star correctly listed, so CLAA's info is at least 3 months out of date at this time... not as bad as CruiseTT which missed every HAL ship out of Vancouver a couple of seasons ago, but still another reason to never trust any info source except the ports themselves.

OP shouldn't need to worry - normal complement of CBSA, CBP, longshoremen to handle a single ship should be in place as normal. As a local Vancouverite the lack of QuickShuttle service (confirmed not to start from the pier until May) and possible lack of luggage storage (I've yet to hear the start date for CDS Baggage service this season) should be irrelevant for OP, otherwise it should be business as normal despite the early date.
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Vancouver = Canada
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Thank you all for your help. Yes we will be ending our cruise on the Star Princess. I will remain calm and hope all goes well. first time for us using a taxi to and from. Hope all goes well....