trip report SD II 5th Dec sailing

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South West England
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home from our 9 day Seadream II experience – and I think the best start is to say we have put down an open ended deposit for another – that sums up the trip!

Negatives (there are so few I thought I would get them in first) ... hmm what can I think of .... err ... I didn’t realise that in choppy weather I get a little seasick – but not enough for medication – just fresh air and water sorted it out ... the food was great but I didn’t always find it spectacular ... for us as Brits – getting to St Thomas was a bit yuk and indeed either AA or Delta have decided to keep our luggage for a few extras days vacation ... never mind it will arrive sometime, in the meantime it is freezing here so my summer clothing is quite welcome to have a few days on it’s own somewhere. Yes the bathrooms are compact but we expected that and hey everything in them works like a dream –

And you know truly that is all that comes to mind that could be a negative ...... now for the smiley stuff of which there could be endless pages ... so I will shorten it.

The service we received and the friendly attitude was wonderful, Nicolas wins my vote for the cutest staff member and the most helpful – he only had to see me from 100 feet away and he was smiling and saying cappuccino .. that is my sort of guy!
We had a few days less than perfect weather at the start of the cruise (when I discovered what seasickness was) and the rain was a shame but we laughed through it – hey I was so grateful to be on vacation on Seadream I would have laughed through anything. We were greeted on this fabulous yacht by the start of endless buckets of champagne (yes before you ask 7 pounds on and 9 for Richard) – there as we walked onto the ship was a chilled towel and some champagne- heaven

It took us a day or so to get the hang of things and learn what happened when and most importantly to meet people. We had 92 or so on board I think and there were times when you weren’t aware of anyone else at all. On the last day while we had breakfast people were coming to tables and I didn’t even recognise them – so obviously I didn’t do a good job of saying hi to everyone else on board.

For any newbies reading that haven’t tried Seadream yet – it is just as easy to be a quiet intimate couple or part of a loud party crowd – everything was possible and we ate alone some nights (from choice) and joined a table for 8 or 10 on others and had such fun. We both feel that the socialising was a very valuable part of the holiday for us personally – we went from being very uptight workaholic company owners to laid back Caribbean party people in the 9 days and it would rate up there in my top 3 holidays of all time.

The people we met on the ship were all lovely, everybody seems gracious, charming and such fun to spend time with. We had the time of our lives up in the Top of the Yacht Bar – Roland the bartender and Soltan and Jasper all skilfully made hugely strong alcoholic drinks for us – or just fresh watermelon juice – whatever your preference and we laughed and danced, giggled and discussed until the small hours some nights and then had early nights on others.

The itinerary changed fairly often as they steered away from bad weather into good (for which I was always grateful) and we had to skip Saba Island but loved all the others we saw. For us personally, renting a car was the most enjoyable thing – on St.John’s Richard and I spent some time alone (and I mean alone – not a soul in sight) on Cinnamon Bay beach – and it really is a great way to find spots others ignore.

The champagne splash defies belief ... ship’s officers in dress whites handing me champagne in the sea (swoon) .. yup ... that one is staying on the dream list for a while!

Monserrat I was very saddened by and grateful that I took the organised tour that enabled me to find out more about such a challenged island – hope things get better there soon – volcanoes permitting.

But overall the main image that will remain in my mind forever (ok ok apart from the officers in dress whites .... speeding past that one!) is the massive smile on my husband’s face as he rode the jetski/waverunner – such happiness and also the friendship and giggles shared with so many on board – the world is a lovely place when you share it with such great people and yes I do think we all took time to realise how blessed we were to be able to take a Seadream trip and share a little slice of heaven – thank you anyone that was part of it and a HUGE thank you to everyone here on the board that answered my questions and helped me be a little prepared.

I am more than happy to answer any queries if anyone has them ... what goes around comes around and if I can help anyone else enjoy their time as we have done .... then that would be great!
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Along the Hudson River in NY
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Glad to know that you and Richard have arrived home safe and sound ... even if your luggage hasn't ... yet!

So thrilled to hear and read about what a wonderful first time you both had on SD. Watch out ... it does become addictive!
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Valley of the Sun, Arizona
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Welcome to the SD addicts anonymous (well maybe not so anonymous). We are happy you had such a typical time. Sounds just like some of our times on SD. Looking forward to meeting you on board some day.
Jim & Lois.
Calgary, Canada
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I am afraid to weigh myself Jo, I feel I will exceed both you and Richard combined.

What a great trip!

Long commute home.

Great meeting you, and Richard and every one else... only 9 more days to get that Jet Ski wrapped and stuffed in his stocking!!


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