Mapping out a cabin crawl

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Murrieta, CA
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I'm organizing a cabin crawl for our 4/3 sailing. Since I've never been on the ship before I'm hoping that someone in the Pursers office could map out our crawl for us.

Has anyone ever asked the Purser to do this? Is there a better way to map out the easiest/most direct route to get from cabins from the 7th - 17th deck?

Have you planned a cabin crawl and how were you able to effectively organize it?

I just did the "alive chat" with Crown & Anchor society and wasted 10 minutes of my life with the person telling me that I could use the deck maps online.
Of course I can do it myself, but since I've never been on the ship before how do I know if we can walk from one end of a deck to the other without zigzagging? Then I was told that there are wonderfully interactive maps ONBOARD the ship which I can use ... kind of make pre-planning pointless though doesn't it?

Sorry my irritation has leaked out in this question. I'd appreciate whatever help I can get from my fellow cruisers.
~ Liz
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I'm afraid this is something that you'll have to do on your own. RCCL's ships are pretty easy to get around with few dead ends so I think you can do it from maps.

Since I have been on one I have a few suggestions. Meet your group somewhere at the appointed time in a central location and hand out your list of cabins to visit, one list to a couple. Start at the bottom and work your way up trying to stay together as a group. Don't look at more then one room in a catagory unless it's different in some way like a hump balony vs a reg balcony. Don't try to see more then 6-8 cabins or it gets too long.

If there is interest I think this is a great way to see other cabins. You may have thought an inside or outside would be awful until you see it or maybe next time you want to spring for a suite. We have been known to take our own quick tours of cabins when everyone else is departing the ship. (We always ask the steward first and make sure not to get in their way - the doors are already open.)