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Joined Jul 2004
What is the Visa situation for Turkey? I've heard they are required, but not if your are travelling in a group. We will be on the pre-cruise program before embarcation--will a visa be required?
New Jersey USA
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Joined Mar 2003
When we went to Brazil last year a visa was needed and I didn't hear of anyone being exempt.I would call the consolate to find out now just in case you need to get one sometimes it takes a while to receive them and also you
may need to get shots we did and it took time as your dr. cannot provide them hope this helps and enjoy your trip.
Perth Western Australia
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Joined Apr 2002
I asked seabourn australia office this exact question and was told that visa's are issued at the cruise terminal once you arrive in Instanbul. There is a fee involved but I can't remember the exact cost. We have booked the Dubai - Instanbul cruise April 26 2005. I hope you will post your thoughts and highlights of your cruise, we are really looking forward to cruising this part of the world.
Fairfax, VA
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Joined Jun 2001
We were on the Pride from Barcelona to Istanbul in April-May of this year. As we planned to stay in Instanbul for a few days, we went to the Turkish Embassy in DC to get a visa. Very efficient service, but it cost $100 per person.

We had been told that you could get a visa upon your entry into Turkey, but decided not to take the chance. However, Seabourn obtained visas for anyone who wanted one and I think the cost was about $25 per person.

Check with Seabourn to see what is required.

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Joined Jul 2003
La Paloma,

You must have a visa to visit Turkey whether you are in a group or not -- the good news is that unlike my most recent visit to Turkey where visa's had gone up to $100 they have just (within the last few months) been substantially lowered ( perhaps due to the dip in tourism). We were lucky in that we lived just outside D.C. and we could go down to the Embassy and get our visa in person -- but there are services that will help you get it by mail. If you need they phone number or address for the embassy just let me know and I'll post it for you. ( BTW, we just got back from Tucson and rented a house for the next year while our new one is being built -- we almost rented one in La Paloma! )
Pacific Palisades CA USA
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Joined Aug 2002
The good news is that we got our visas in L.A. for twenty dollare each for our June Spirit cruise. Go to the embassy and they will take extremely good care of you. Turkey is absolutely awesome! We are very jealous--have a fabulous cruise!
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Joined Sep 2004
We have recently returned from a cruise on the Spirit Istanbul to Rome, we got our visa on arrival at the airport, they just stamped our passports, the cost was £10 I think $20 U.S. it is perfectly o.k. for a short visit, I think it allows you to stay up to 3 months!! Certainly Seabourn wanted a vast amount of money for doing it for us. I would imagine the cruise terminal would have the same system.

Bon Voyage
San Francisco, CA
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Joined Dec 2000
You can also get a visa upon arrival in Istanbul at the airport. Remarkably, it was quite easy, and we did it just before embarking the Spirit, on the same day!

The Turks don't make it too difficult---they are just interested in getting the revenue! Have a great trip---we loved that Spirit cruise!

Saint Simons Island, Georgia
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Joined Apr 2003
Don't go through all that time and expense to get the visa before you go. It took 10 minues for us to get ours at the Istanbul airport upon arrival. They only take US$, so that says it all. You will love Istanbul. We have a great husband/wife guide in Istanbul, if you need one. See you in a couple of weeks. Look for the guy in the "G" (for Georgia) baseball cap!
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Joined Oct 2003
We are sailing from Athens to Istanbul. Wondering if it is posible to get visas at the cruise terminal as you disembark? Has anyone done this? We are only spending the day in Istanbul no over night. However the cruise does stop in Bodrum, do we need a visa for this stop?
Pembroke Pines FL, USA
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Joined Oct 2000
The rather recent debacle about the fees for Turkish visas was an unwelcome byproduct of international statesmanship (or lack thereof.)

US wants to invade Iraq through Turkey. Turkey says they don't particualrly want to be part of that. US posts Travel Warning for its citizens suggesting deferring travel to Turkey. Turkey raises visa fees to US citizens. US asks for permission to transfer humanitarian aid and supplies through Incirlik air base. Turkey says OK. Travel Warning suddenly disappears. (Poof! No more danger!) Turkey lowers fees for visas. All parties will vehemently deny any of the above. Coincidences one and all. (...sigh)