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I'm on the Viking Amsterdam - Basel Rhine cruise starting September 28th. I have booked all the included tours for the morning slots (except one.) What time do these excursions leave the ship each day? If they all leave about 8 AM, I may want to change to a later tour.
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If you look at the link below, you'll find the dailies for a Viking Basel-to-Amsterdam cruise this spring. The times will be different going north-to-south, but this should give you an idea of typical days on the river.

Hope this helps.
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On my past 2 viking cruises ( including the Rhine), most of the included daily tours begin at 8:30 - 9m to allow passengers to return to the ship for lunch.
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Originally posted by mcc9089
What time do these excursions leave the ship each day? If they all leave about 8 AM, I may want to change to a later tour.
They likely will not offer a later option, as tours are scheduled at a specific time for all and not offered throughout the day.
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Originally posted by mcc9089
If they all leave about 8 AM, I may want to change to a later tour.
Generally it will be morning or afternoon, not 'later'

There are occasional exceptions, but if the tour you want is scheduled to leave early in the morning that will be the only opportunity to do it and most tours will be off the ship early to make sure everyone is back for lunch and in time for any afternoon tours...
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Are these all optional tours that you have booked? If so, they only go at the one time--usually after breakfast. If they are the included tours, there is generally no booking required, so if you decide you don't want to leave that early, no problem. It might mean you spend the am on board the boat--it may move to another location to pick up those on tour. Contact your TA or the cruise line to get the definite answers to those questions. Enjoy your trip and travel safely. less than 3 months til river cruise #24. Pat