San Blas Islands

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willington,ct usa
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My windstar cruise has a stop at the San Blas Islands. I am not sure what there is to do there.
South Carolina
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Not lots to do except walk around and shop ... but still interesting.

We did enjoy watch the locals in their "dug outs" and are glad we've had a port stop there.

As we were leaving, the ship's band was playing "Little Island in the Sun" so think of San Blas Islands every time I hear that song.

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Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
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San Blas are home to the Cuna or Kuna people, one of the 7 Indigenous groups still living in Panama that were here when Columbus arrived. Kuna Yala is an autonomous "comarca" of Panama, not like a reservation in the US where the government said Indigenous would live, but where the Indigenous said to the government, and in the case of the Kuna went to war with the government, "This is our land."

The flag of Kuna Yala was around long before Hitler and the ****s. You will frequently see Kuna people in Panama City, the women wearing their bright colored clothing and beads around their forearms and legs. They are known for their hand sewn "molas" which can be incredible works of art. Each piece of fabric must be ripped, not cut, and then carefully worked into the pattern.

When buying molas you want to turn the piece over and look at the quality of the hand stitching on the underside. Prices start around $20 but go up depending on the quality of the work and the size and complexity. Some of the larger pieces are museum-quality works of art.

You have a unique and special opportunity that most visitors don't get . . . to actually visit San Blas! Enjoy!

Regards, Richard
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Richard Detrich - Port & Canal Lecturer & Author
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We landed in the San Blas Islands and toured with San Blas Tour and Snorkel, contact Gilberto Alemancia at [email protected]. Gilbert took us to Dog Island to snorkel and Pelican Island to play in the water. We still had time to shop and he can recommend who to buy from and what price to pay. Tours cost $50 at the time. Give him a try!
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The day we anchored there it was very hot and humid. It is not a long tender ride to one of the islands. There are several of them and it is rotated as to which one you will visit.

We enjoyed walking around the island and did pick up a couple of nice Molas.
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