Stressful end to a James Touring Service tour

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If there is a tourism group for this port..suggest you report this operator. They might be able to intervene and get some money back...but at least local people would be on Notice,

If you post Neg rev on Trip Adv..I believe he can have his shill respond, but still would warn others,

We take ships tours so we have recourse if things go bad...but have had mostly very good to excellent tours.
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As someone who's looking for something to do in St. Lucia later this year, I can guarantee that the addition of James' "friends" to this post mean we would NEVER consider booking with him.
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Originally posted by hcat
If you post Neg rev on Trip Adv..I believe he can have his shill respond, but still would warn others, ....
Indeed, I've posted a neg rev also on TripAdvisor.

James' reply/comment on TripAdvisor was much more "subdued" --- he apologized that we didn't get the tour we agreed upon .....
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Originally posted by RevCindy
As someone who's looking for something to do in St. Lucia later this year, I can guarantee that the addition of James' "friends" to this post mean we would NEVER consider booking with him.

100% agree. After the initial description in the OP's first post, I was willing to take all information with a grain of salt. I believe everyone's experience is colored by their own perspective and even the best tour guide/company can have an off day. However, that being said, after reading all the responding posts, this tour operator is no longer on our list of possibilities in St. Lucia.

It's not just about how you treat happy customers.
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I read threads like this and just shake my head. My idea of a nightmare excursion.

OP, you sounds like a reasonable person. Thank you for the heads up.
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Hmmm...was researching this tour company and leaning towards using them but not so sure now.
It's one thing to have bad experiences, that must happen with every company at one time or another. Bad reviews I get and understand and can take with a grain of salt.

To see multiple obviously fake CC accounts start posting and arguing with someone who has posted about their bad experience???? That is downright underhanded. Speaks the the character of the man running the company if he was behind the posts.
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To the TWO friends of James that keeps posting:

So what is James' excuse for not keeping his promised time of 2PM return time ? Is he saying he never promised it? Is he also saying that he never said "don't worry" when OP and the other couple asked for reassurance of 2PM return time on the day of the tour?
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Thank you for the warning against this company. I believe your post and what happened- I also believe you were probably very irate on the boat and that the captain's claim of you being 'rude' is probably correct. I would also be unconcerned with manners if I had been treated in this way and was worried about missing the ship. It sounds very much like he deceived you when making the booking, just thinking you wouldn't notice or wouldn't care that it was not private and would not get you back at the time you requested.

What really gets my goat though, is James asking his 'friends' to post on here and call you a liar. This man clearly does not understand business, because doing that is a huge huge turn off to any prospective bookings. To know that not only we may have a bad experience on the tour, but also to be intimidated and accused when we post a review of what happened- yes, that really makes me want to book with you (um, no).

I think its utterly absurd for DonMillsCruiser to imply this is all your fault for not researching as you should have. This is why you book a guided tour, because you don't know the island! But according to them, the fact you didn't understand the exact pricing structure on St Lucia for all tours and the local boat schedule means it is totally your fault that he promised you something he didn't deliver. Totally ridiculous and you are convincing nobody.

If James had come on here himself and acknowledged that things went wrong that day, whether it was communication or mistakes on his part- he can tell his side of the story- confirm he has refunded the OP, and will be ensuring this does not happen again, then that would have done a huge amount in repairing his reputation. Everyone has bad days in business, it's about how you deal with it. But clearly it's too late for that now.
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Just a FYI for this tour operator, you have done nothing but hurt your reputation by engaging in this argument in this unprofessional manner. We also will be visiting this port this fall and I can guarantee I would never consider any tour operator with all this controversy.
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Wow!! I can not believe this post!! I would never book with James based on this post alone!! His friends are chiming in??? That wrecks your reputation more than the poor service that day!!
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I believe that there is always 3 sides to every story but in this case, I still wouldn't book a tour with James. James should concentrate on his tours and customer service instead of having "watchdogs" on these threads.