Cosol Tour Good w/Kids??

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Hello. I've read so many great things about Cosol's tour in St. Lucia, that I'm thinking of booking him when we sail on the NCL Jewel. Question though -- would this tour be suitable for children? I'm travelling with 2 children, ages 8 and 16 at the time we sail.

Would the tour be fun for them, or would the day become too long and overwhelming for them? My kids are adventurous, but I don't want to push their limits. The tour sounds awesome to me, however!

Any opinions? We're not sailing till 2009, so I have PLENTY of time to decide! LOL Thanks for any input.

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I think it would be too long. We loved it. On our tour it was all adults. The beach part of the tour is only a little over an hour. At the age of your children, my children would have been bored. Maybe they will have childrens program that your kids could attend on that day. The tour lasts 6-7 hours in a van you will be stopping along the way but not alot to keep the kids interested IMO. I think it is a great tour for adults.
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Originally posted by Tinymonk29
For Cosol tours Do you pay beforehand? If so, What happens if the ship is late or does not dock for some reason. Do you get charged still?
You were answered on your other post, but I'll put here also:
You pay at conclusion of the tour (usually).
If your ship is late, and they won't be able to accommodate the tour, it will be cancelled. If it's just a few minutes, and won't affect other cruisers who may be on the tour also, they'll wait. If port is cancelled, obviously you're our nothing.. It's a reputable company that has been in business for many years, they aim to please, and take good care of their customers .
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We just returned, took our kids (16 and 17) on the tour- they had a blast! I think it depends on the kids and how well they would enjoy a tour by vehicle, though there are lots of stops. We LOVED it!

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