Azura - Norwegain Fjords September 2017

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Hi I am a first time cruiser on the Azura for a week from 09/09.

Got a few questions (mostly by the wife), some might be obvious but if you don't know you need to ask.

I have read that tea/coffee etc is provided but cab you buy milk on board? There never seems to be enough and don't like those little plastic thingies.
Towels are they provided, I guess I need to bring one for use of the pool.
Formal dress nights, after the meal do the majority continue to wear tux etc for the rest of the evening or get changed?
Day trips, I have already booked all the ones we want to go on but if the excursion is 2-3 hours is there normally time to walk round the town after on our own?
Weather, may not too cold in the Uk September but at sea and in Norway how cool is it? Will I be ok wearing shorts and a warm top?
Finally and this is probably the stupidest one what are the chance of seeing the northern lights and whales? I know it is early September and we do not go that far north but you never know?
Thanks for your help
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I believe you can ask your cabin steward for milk but it's UHT however there is milk in the buffet and you can bring down a jug to your cabin.

Yes towels are provided both for use in your cabin (white ones) and ones for the pool (blue ones)

Most - but not all - stay in their tuxedoes for the whole evening. If you change there are some bars etc you can't use.

Whether you have time in port after the tour depends on what time you excursion finishes and how long the ship is in port. If your excursion is from 9-12 let's say, and the ship is in port until 6pm then yes. If the excursion is say 11-2 and the ship leaves at 4 or 5 it will be tighter. It also depends if the ship docks right in town or if there is a distance to get there.

We've only done Norway in August but even then we had to wear long trousers and a couple of layers. From what I've read on here the weather is changeable at any time so best to be prepared.

Re: whales. Hmmmm. We didn't see any in Norway but we may have been unlucky. On our current cruise we saw dolphins six different times and a whale twice (but that was the bay of biscay and the med). I don't know how frequent they are in Norwegian waters or the North Sea though sorry.

Can't help when the cabin sorry

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I've just come back from a week in the fjords on Britannia. I spent several hours a day on my balcony (I'm a loner and can't cope too well with crowds) and didn't spot any unusual wildlife - that's not to say that you wouldn't see any, just that I'd think you'd be very lucky to

For what it's worth, I did see some gulls that were new to me although admittedly I'm not very good at gull recognition as I live inland. I don't think they were anything too exciting but hopefully tomorrow I can pull the pictures off the camera and then work out what they were.

Enjoy your cruise!