Bora Bora Bloody Mary's

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Victoria Harbour, ON
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How far is Bloody Mary's from the dock? What's the cost of a taxi to Bloody Mary's? On our next cruise we'll do an over night here & we are thinking of going out for the evening for dinner & drinks. Thanks
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We stopped there on a tour. I would say the distance was about 30 minutes from the time we reached there and getting back to the ship.

Victoria Harbour, ON
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Thanks. Heard about the place on CC, sounds like a great place to go bar hopping for an evening.
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We've been to Bora Bora 5 times via the Paul Gauguin, most recently in July. This was the first time we went to Bloody Mary's. We did a great snorkel tour and then had the boat drop us off at the dock at Bloody Mary's. Well..........what a disappointment. It is a bar/restaurant. Nothing more/nothing less. Their Bloody Mary drinks were so bad you could not drink them. I did "check the box" having now been there but I would not go out of my way at all to go there. You can just wave down a taxi that is going back and forth from the dock to the beach and I think it was $5 USD per person to get back to the dock. The drive time was about 15 minutes.
Victoria Harbour, ON
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Thanks. Think we'll check it out just to say we've been there. I've heard so much about the place from different people & on CC, so just wanted to see what it was about this place that had every one talking about it.
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It's one of those bucket list place. We went for lunch. Beer, burger, (just a change from poisson cru - which we loved btw). Cool place. Tourist trap? Maybe, but better there than anywhere else.

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