Where does the 3 night cruise from Sydney sail to?

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Just wondering, wasn't certain where the Pacific Sun sails. I know it sails around on the short trip. Just wondered where it sails to or near. Thanks!

Whats the weather like at this time of year sailing near Sydney? I am not expecting hot like in the South Pacific. Thanks again.
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I don't know that it sails near anything, might be wrong as I haven't been on one. We sailed down to Melbourne on a 5 night cruises and we only saw land leaving Sydney and arriving in Melbourne.

I don't think the weather would be much different to the temps in Sydney. If it is the August cruise you are talking about I would be packing jeans with tshirts and a jacket. When we sailed to the islands in July we wore jeans, tshirt and jacket on the first day, by the second day shorts were fine, maybe a jacket outside.
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