Weather in Vanuatu- September

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Melbourne, VIC
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Hi everyone!

I know there have been various threads about the weather on the islands, but I was just hoping for some advice or to hear about anyone's experience about the weather we can expect in Vila in September or thereabouts.

I am a little worried because I will be in my wedding dress and it can get rather hot under there and DF will be in a suit. Are we going to die or be uncomfortable or will it be a beautiful, fresh day?

I'd love to hear from anyone who was in the South Pacific during the months of Aug, Sep, Oct and give us an idea of what to expect? Realistically, as opposed to generic weather chart.


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Port Macquarie
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Hi Tinalou i stayed for 2 weeks in Port Vila in last september and it can be very hot. It may only be 28 or so but the humidity is the worst. We Stayed at Le Meridian and was lovely near the water. So If ur getting married near the beach It will be ok lots of luck and have a great time
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Thanks for asking Tinalou as I had the same question. We are going on 30 August and I wasn't sure how warm it would be.
What are the nights like on board with the walking around on deck. Do we need jumpers.
Canberra, Australia
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I can't specifically answer your questions but the weather on our cruise in July 04 was

06/7/04 Sydney 19
07/7/04 Cruising 17
08/7/04 Cruising 20
09/7/04 Cruising 22
10/7/04 Lamen Bay 25
11/7/04 Vila 24
12/7/04 Lifou 22
13/7/04 Noumea 21
14/7/04 Cruising 19
15/7/04 Cruising 19
16/7/04 Sydney 18

I assume yours would be slightly warmer as you are leaving later. The humidity really is the killer.

The nights can get a little cool because the ship is moving which creates a breeze. If the ship was stationary it would be fine.
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Hi Tinalou

I have been to Vila 3 times in September on a cruise and I have found the weather not too hot. It is much warmer than Wellington, but not unpleasant. As someone has already said, being close to the waterside and in the shade of the trees will help.
With regards to Mysttle's question about being out on the ships decks at night in the Vanuatu area, you should be fine without a jumper on. However always have one packed away.
I hope you have a great wedding and cruise.


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