Travel agent gifts when you cruise

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Central IL
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Ok... it's been a few years since we've cruised. Let's find out how many travel agents still send a gift to their clients on board and what? Any input out there?
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We've been on cruises each of the last 2 years. Each was booked thru local travel agents ( 2 different agencies ). Each arranged a gift for us, including a surprise birthday cake and several bottles of wine. From our perspective, its a 100% gift rate.

These little gestures build loyality from clients and encourage repeat business. Cruise #3 is booked thru the lovely lady who arranged the birthday surprise . We are fortunate to have found a person we like and are able to work with to make our travel plans. We may pay a little more than others, but we are happy with the service she provides and the comfort of a friendly voice on the phone is well worth the extra cost.
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Thompson Station, TN
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Our agent always gives something. She used to give us a bottle of some type of alcohol, and I finally told her we don't drink, so she now gives us a certificate for photos. Very nice!

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For our Alaska cruise we got a basket with Alaska mugs, coasters, and other alaska things in it. We got an anniversary cake on one cruise paid for by the TA. And two times she ordered us wine and we never got it. We didn't know she had ordered it until we got back and found out to late.
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We always get wine and champagne from our TA.
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We don't use traditional TAs for cruises (just book online), but I used one for a very complicated land-based trip we're taking in a very unspoiled (read: pure jungle) place where transportation and lodging are quite an adventure. I plan to send HER a gift when we get back for all her hard work!
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Unfortunately, mine did nothing. I booked 4 cabins (3 balcony and an inside) so, she probably received a pretty nice commission. Too bad I am planning a family reunion cruise to Alaska in 2007 but I will not use her again.
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We received a bottle of wine in each of the 2 cabins we booked thru her. When I went in to thank her she asked about a photo package that we also should have received. We didn't know anything about that.
Vail, CO
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This is a great thread. I booked 3 cabins (two were suites) on our spring HAL cruise and she sent two bottles of wine to each cabin. It was the first time I had used her (recommendation from this board). We just returned from our POAm cruise in an Owner's Suite and we didn't receive anything. To be honest, I was alittle disappointed. We cruise or vacation at least twice a year and I'm contemplating moving to someone who appreciates our business.
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As I found out sometimes they send things and you never would know because you don't receive them. My TA happens to be the sister of a friend and my friend said " my sister wanted to know if you enjoyed the wine she sent" and that's how I found out we never got it. So you may have been sent something and just never got it.
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As a TA, I can guarantee you I do send something, but I also feel the service you get from your TA is more important then the bottle of wine, OBC or whatever. As for not always knowing if the gift if received, usually we do get a thank you from our clients, but I had some on the Sun Thanksgiving week and have no idea if they got their gifts as I have not heard a word. Warning, I don't blame you for thinking it is a nice jesture for your TA to think of you, but be sure and thank him/her when you return so they know if the gift got to where it was supposed to go. NMnita
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I've never received anything from my TA while on board, and personally, that's fine by me. I appreciate the fact that he answers all my questions, gives me what appears to be great prices, and is willing to do whatever it takes to give me the best service he can.

That said, he did send us a box of chocolates recently with our documents.

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Originally posted by Bobgaffney
I am sending my TA a link to this thread.
For a hint? Then maybe we should all start talking about how our TA's gave us a free cruise! lol
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Brea, CA
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I have gotten everything from a bottle of wine to a cheese tray to 2 really useful denim shopping bags...I don't expect anything ever and I have used three different TAs over the years.
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Vail, CO
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Being a realtor, I am a commissioned person myself - as are travel agents. I would never dream of showing up to the closing table without a very nice closing gift for my clients. I feel travel agents should do the same. It doesn't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts. For my agent to send something one cruise, but not the next is odd. I like to feel valued for my continued business and I believe that answering questions and being timely isn't the extent of a good travel agent.
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I once got a big collapsable tote bag from my TA as a cruise gift....nice. I used it for ages.
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We have always received one bottle of wine for our cruises (mini-suites) but our last cruise we had a penthouse and received one bottle of wine and one bottle of champagne.
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Ours gave us a $50 on board credit...real nice..In the past it has been bottles of champagne...
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Originally posted by AmyinVail
I would never dream of showing up to the closing table without a very nice closing gift for my clients. I feel travel agents should do the same. It doesn't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts. .
My, how very generous. We have purchased 15 (yes-fifteen) homes in our married life, and only once did we receive a closing gift - a box of wonderful California oranges.
Never have gotten a thing from travel agents - either for air, land, or sea.
We have received "Thank You" cards from several of them.
So, this whole idea is new to me. I like it!!