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By popular demand, those Roll Call threads that I have recently moved to the "ROLL CALLS - All Other Cruise Lines Forum" have been temporarily moved back to the Cunard forum.

All new Roll Call threads must be posted in the Roll Call forum, or will be moved there.

I have taken this action after many complaints from members that it is not fair to move existing, popular threads to a different forum from that where our members expect them to be.

However, I would like to reiterate that the main Cunard forum is not the proper place for Roll Call threads (that is, any threads focused on a specific voyage).

Once we have a dedicated Cunard Roll Call forum, all Roll Call threads - including existing ones from the main forum - will be moved there. Until then I have decided only to move new threads to the Roll Call forum.
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Hey there!

Just to add to what Doug said, I've opened the Cunard ROLL CALL forum. I'll be moving existing ROLL CALL threads over to the new forum -- right after I finish up this posting <G>.

Here's a LINK directly to the new Cunard ROLL CALL Forum.


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That's great - We've got a roll call section of our own now I do wonder why posts that started life as a roll call but changed into something quite different are being moved though
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Originally posted by LauraS
Hey there!

Just to add to what Doug said, I've opened the Cunard ROLL CALL forum. I'll be moving existing ROLL CALL threads over to the new forum -- right after I finish up this posting <G>.

Here's a LINK directly to the new Cunard ROLL CALL Forum.


Thanks, Laura! We really appreciate it! It should make the roll calls much easier to find.

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Hi Laura
thank you so much for your very speedy response to our request. I'm sure everyone else will be delighted with this new forum of our own.

I wonder if a permanent "sticky" with a link to it would be a good idea. I know when I was new to Cruise Critic I didn't even know such a thing existed for the first couple of months. So many of us know where to go but new people might be unfamiliar with the set up on here and think this is what there is...thus missing a great opportunity to chat with their fellow cruisers. just a thought....

Thank you again...

Penny Atwell (patwell)
Colchester, CT USA
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Thanks. Doug. Thanks Laura.

I was right then! Even with me gone for the weekend they probably begged y'all to give us our own forum, so we wouldn't hijack theirs! <G>
Seriously. I guess I don't have a problem with that as long as we don't get kicked off the roll call forum when we (as we certainly are wont to do...often..) veer off topic,. have extras join the forum who aren't on the trip (guilty as charged!) and just get generally crazy! I think it has enhanced a few of the threads and gotten people interested in voyages, ships, and activities that they might not have considered. Yes, we are here to ask and answer questions and be a resource of information, but I think we are also here to promote the cruises and the line, (and the specific ships) And sometimes our "over-friendliness" gets people interested in ways that the marketing schlock could never ever accomplish.

So thanks for putting up with us, moving us back over here where we can be found, and starting the new Cunard Roll call forums going forward.
I think we all appreciate it, and the efforts y'all put into these boards and us.

who is NOT to be confused with Eddie Haskell!
(Nice pearls you're earing Mrs. Cleaver.. I mean Laura)
Guernsey, Channel Islands
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Might I suggest we use the NAMES of the month, rather than a number - as different formats are used either side of the pond: 4/12/08 looks like 4th December 2008 over here.....

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Where is the roll call thread for the Queen Victoria, 2008 NY-LA cruise?
Thank you.
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Queen Mary 2 2006
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who ever veers off a subject
the weather here is getting rainy again
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Originally posted by Charlotte T.
I agree completely with this quote from Malcom. I am new to this site and I am completely lost as where to go and how to use it to it maximum. Charlotte T.
First piece of advice, you are doomed if you agree with Malcolm.

Sir Martin
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I recently sailed on the 10 November Queen Mary 2 from Southampton/New York and had a great time.
Please see my REVIEW.
There was nothing to complain about and I wonder if some of the Reviewers of the Queen Mary 2 just love complaining wherever they go and whatever they do!
A lot of the comments are totally unjustified, particularly about the food and service! The service in the Britannia Restaurant particulary was excellent and the food was excellent too with lots of choice!
I think a lots of the comments are incorrect and damming to Cunard who still offer the only scheduled Transatlantic passenger service.
Ask your self what happened to the French Line, the Italia Line, the North German Lloyd, the United States Line and all the others? They all ceased operations years ago! and Cunard is still there with the best ship around.
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Think it's good to leave the old threads here, not good to change around too much between forums, confusing.
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Stormy Weather!
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Originally posted by Vera123
I have just booked the QE 8th May 2017 Hamburg mini cruise?
Can't find a roll call for that.
Just off the 4 Jan mini cruise to Hamburg.
Had a great time even though the first sea day it was a force 10 Gale with a 5 metre swell.

Hamburg was very very cold.
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Originally posted by StLucia
Just off the 4 Jan mini cruise to Hamburg.
Had a great time even though the first sea day it was a force 10 Gale with a 5 metre swell.

Hamburg was very very cold.

Brrrrr, hopefully May will be kinder
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Hi just booked queen Elizabeth for ten nights on the 28th Nov looking forward to it cannot find a roll call

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