"Adventure St Maarten- The Race" question

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We are considering joining some friends in the RCI excursion called "Adventure St Maarten - The Race". It says that one person needs to be ready to swim. Does anyone know how much swimming and where (ocean or pool)? I used to be a strong swimmer, but after many many cancer surgeries, not much of a swimmer anymore. Thanks!!
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We did the amazing race adventure 2 years ago when we sailed here on MSC. Not sure if it would be the exact same activities but the only swimming involved using an inter tube/float to swim a short distance out and back. Our 10 year old daughter did it for our group. It was so much fun. You don't have to kill yourself running around unless you are trying to win. It is a great way to see/tour the town.
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I am intrigued by the "race" and how it compares to 'City Clickers" (which is considerably cheaper!) .

Has anyone had any experience with "City Clickers" - suppose to take about 90 minutes to take pictures around Philipsberg. Hard to tell if they have mini challenges or just pictures of locales.
Do you think it would be better to explore more of the island ? - or mainly stay in philipsberg?

Feedback appreciated!
I had seen the "race" originally but in the excursion list it wasn't listed on our specific cruise (just the main page of excursions) so i found the city clickers instead..

How was Cozumel's "race" - was it booked seperately or as an onboard excursion?
snow :)
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We did the race here last August.

The last challenge was swimming out to a buoy and circling it 3 times.

Our 21 Y/o DD did it.

You entered the water from the beach.

She was a tad tired, but said it was not too painful.

We watched her shirt shorts and shoes, she wore a tank top over her bikini.

Advice, only carry what you need, you do carry whatever you take off the ship.

Wear good walking/running shoes.

As a team, look for all the clues.

Have fun, we did.

We did not win, but it took us to places we would have never gone too.

Safe travels.
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We are thinking of doing this as well but can't decide if we should do it with RCI or go directly with tri-sport. Any recommendations? Thx!
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One of the neat things about the TV series is the interaction between the groups on "the race" - I'm wondering if there is much of that as part of this excursion, and if you go with the "vendor" directly, if you are mixed in with people from the cruise.
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When we did the Race in Cozumel, it was not offered by RCL. Many groups were from hotels and other ships in port that day. There was no real interaction between teams. I think many dropped out. It got very intense between the top few teams, we tied for first. If the old folks (us!) hadn't slowed them down I'm sure our kids would have won by a wide margin. We, as parents, will not participate this year in St. Maarten but our young adult kids are looking forward to it!
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Just purchased this excursion for our April 1 2018 sailing on Allure during the Black Friday promotion. It seems as if the description has changed from when I previously looked at it; now depicting kayaking and snorkeling with no mention of the race. Wondering if something changed? I have an email in to RCCL because the person I spoke to on the phone said there was no change. Just didn't make sense to have a kayaking and snorkeling excursion with no pictures of either!

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I would love to know if anyone has done this excursion once Hurricane Irma. We are looking for something to do with our 2 children other than the beaches. Thanks!