Paying with cash when checking in?

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Does RCCL require putting cash down at check in if paying with cash at end of cruise? If so how much?
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You will not be able to spend more than you have on account. So, if you plan on spending anything on your account, we will have to have sufficient cash deposited in it to cover. Your account will be cut off when you reach that limit.

Now, if you plan on guaranteeing your account with a credit card, then settling in cash, you will not need to have cash in the account.
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I add a certain amount of cash or travelers check when we board, and usually get a check or cash out the last night.
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I always put down a $300-$500 cash deposit with the purser's desk. I go back the last night and pay off any balance and then hook up our CC to the acct for any last minute purchases. Never, Never, Never had my account cut off for going over the cash deposit and never had a large hold put on my CC.
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I was told that each Seapass card has $500 credit limit. You can spend as much as the limit and you will need to pay it down if you want to spend more.
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Originally posted by fw2020
I was told that each Seapass card has $500 credit limit. You can spend as much as the limit and you will need to pay it down if you want to spend more.
that is correct. its either 400 or 500 i forgot....we did cash on our last cruise. they never asked us for money up front, we were just told later that we cant spend up to a certain amount without paying it off....but we never went over that limit and paid it off the last am!
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Last cruise on Rhapsody 2008 we nominated to pay by credit card but on the second last day I went to the Pursers Desk and asked to pay in cash- still had enough left - the Casino hadn't got it all. It was no problem and they handed me the print out and I paid the cash. I went back to our room and checked it- not because I thought it was too much I was just checking who spent the most. I was charged 80s something dollars for a drinks package we didn't get. I went back to the pursers and they said they would check it overnight and I received a refund the next morning.

We have again nominated our CC but hope to have enough left to pay in cash

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