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Originally posted by the2ofus
"I still hate the adoption of the metric system and continue to change temps from Celcius to Farenhiet in my head. "

A friend solved the problem for me when she taught me this poem:
Thirty is hot
Twenty is pleasing
Ten is not
Zero is freezing

I never bother to try to convert when thinking about weather or air temp. Does it really matter if it is 62 or 63, 84 or 85 degrees outside? You have a general idea how to dress for the weather. Who really needs to know precise temps, unless baking or doing lab experiments?

That poem is terrific. Thank you.
I'll now stop doing all that arithmetic in my head.......
You're right. I don't need to know if it is 65 vs. 63 degrees.

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Originally posted by lorekauf
It does look funny. Good tip. I noticed when I went to the bank machine on Thursday I got the old bills. A couple of weeks ago they were all new. They are causing problems.
The old bills used to launder well if they were left in a pocket. I hear the new bills turn into mush in the dryer.
I think they feel creepy and look as though they were designed by someone whose imagination was in overdrive. On the other hand, a potential counterfeiter would just take one look and move on to something easier.
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Originally posted by sapper1
As of February 4th, the Canadian Mint will stop producing the penny. This will affect the way you are given change when you visit Canada. Pricing will not change but change will be rounded up or down to the nearest nickel.

Credit card or debit card purchases will not be affected.

I mention this as I think it is important that our cruise visitors know that the merchants are not trying to cheat them. The penny is simply going to disappear.

info about the penny
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Originally posted by RuthC
Thanks for the info, sapper. My next cruise will take me to Canada, so this is good to know.

I expect that prices will be rounded up, as opposed to rounded off? I can already guess that prices rounded down is out of the question!
If your bill is $1.41 or $1.42 your bill will be rounded down to $1.40. If you bill is $1.43 or $1.44, it will be rounded up to $1.45. However, merchands are not doing this yet, at least not in Ottawa (Ontario). Yes, our new bills are taking some getting use to. Please ensure if you use a banking machine to count your money as some bills do stick together. But at least they're pretty to look at and can survice the washing machine (lol).
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Local bank manager was talking to my DH last week complaining about the issue they are having with bills sticking together at the ATM....people are requesting $40 or $60 and getting $60 or $80!

My comment was the banks are finally giving back on their fees

I would hate to be on the opposite end of the issue and ask the ATM for $60 and only get $40. I always count so I would be right into the bank if it was open. Not sure what to do if is was after hours.....

I think we have enough pennies in this house to last a decade or two without even noticing.

For the record, pennies are still in circulation and are still legal tender. They just won't be produced. If you have them you can spend them. Sapper said the date (I think) that the cash registers will start rounding up or down, I think it is in the spring sometime. Looking out our window, spring seems a long way off and I don't care what the blasted groundhog said yesterday!