July Crossing..weather to be expected?

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To all of you have done summer crossings, is it usual to be swimming weather? Shorts during the daytime? Or, is it usually cool requiring slacks and somesort of jacket?
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Although the weather may be sunny, remember that you are moving at a good speed across the North Atlantic. I was only warm on deck if I was sitting in the sun in a spot sheltered from the wind. I had packed shorts, capris and slacks and in the future I,personally, would err on the side of more slacks than shorts.
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Hi Juneann,
Don't count on much swimming unless it's in the covered pool on deck 12. Just did the June 5th westbound crossing, and the North Atlantic is a very cold windy place. When it's sunny it's nice to get out on deck, but there really was never swimming weather. The North Atlantic and Caribbean have very little in common.
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Then it might be a bit warmer than it was on my June 5th crossing, but crossings are always going to be very windy. I remember walking the promenade deck one day, and folks were laying out in loungers on the back of the ship. By the time I got back around, everyone was off the loungers, trying to get shelter from the wind. Next time around, the sun was back out from the clouds, and people were back in the loungers.

Quality sun/swim time is very hard to come by on crossings. The weather is less than cooperative out in the middle of the ocean. Plan on spending time at the covered pool on 12 deck.

New York
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Sorry, but the best I couldsay is "maybe". Have done it a few times. Once, I don't think the temp got above 60, once is was quite warm, and we were out around the pool just about every day. Sometimes it can be warm enough, but VERY foggy.
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Thanks so much for your replys.
Our cabin is on deck 12 not far from the pool, so I imagine that would be the pool we would be using anyway.
Whenever I travel I always seem to have a "coat crisis". I wasn't sure if I would need a jacket on the deck during the day but it seems that I'll need to be prepared.
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Re swimming mid Atlantic, on my QE2 April crossing last year w/bound to NYC on a couple of days the outside temps were 70 degrees + Fahrenheit & I swam in the o/door pool and used the o/door jacuzzis! I would agree there is always quite a breeze on the promenade deck but I was suprised at such good weather & temps whilst crossing the Atlantic. Also the ship handled the ship magnificently & only for about 10 hours were we in a force 8 gale and the rest of the time it was calm to a moderate swell.

Kind Rgs

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The weather in the North Atlantic is such a crap shoot, it's impractical to 'expect' anything. Most likely you'll get a mixed bag, like I did on my June 5th crossing. When the sun was out, temps were getting up around 70, but the almost constant wind, made it feel much cooler. When it was overcast and rainy, we had temps in the 40's. Just be sure to bring a windbreaker, and plan on a sweater or sweatshirt underneath that!

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Go for the jacket with a warm sweatshirt and sweater underneath. Even better, get a jacket with a hood and sleeves that are tight at your wrists. I have been on crossings in late May and late September, and there were times I wished I had taken a winter jacket! It was cold, rainy, and very windy (30-35 MPH just from the ship's movement). In those conditions, only the very hardy sat in deck chairs and then only out of the wind.

If you get warm, sunny weather rejoice! But don't expect it.

One of the advantages of a crossing, instead of a Caribbean cruise, is that you can sail through the days and night warm and cozy inside that speck of a ship on so much empty ocean, while it is miserable outside.
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Why can't Cunard add a couple of days onto the QM2 crossings and cross nearer the equator? We're sailing her to the Caribbean next April and someday we're going to sail to England and back (if we can ever find an Eastbound and Westbound with a week in between). The crossings would probably be much nicer if they added 2 or 3 days and sailed warm waters. Never happen huh?
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I will be traveling on the QM2 for the July 22nd crossing from Southhampton to New York. Was just curious if the weather will be warm enough for swimming? i know it may be windy on deck, but will it at least be in the 70"s or 80's? Are shorts appropriate for daytime attire? or is the dress code strictly enfored during the day also! Thank You in advance for your help
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New York, USA
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Just completed June 25th crossing from Southampton to New York. Windy on deck and really not warm enough to use outside pools. There seemed to be enough passengers enjoying deck chairs when the sun was out. Daytime attire ran a full gamut - as it will when you're dealing with that many people - but smart casual seemed to prevail. Slacks or capris with golf shirts and tops - would be my recommendation for daytime attire.