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Quick question regarding arriving back in port, Southampton. I beleive the cruise we are on (returning 2nd Oct) arrives back in Southampton at 07:00. I was wondering how long it usually takes to leave the ship and be on your way. I ask the question as I need to book return travel home (coach or train) and would like to book a time that doesn't have us racing to get there or being stood around for hours. Also, could anybody let me know whether there are taxis at the port to take you to the coach/train station once dis-embarked?

Thanks in anticipation.
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In my experience, it depends entirely on your onward travel arrangements and your deck.

Passengers tend to get called off on this kind of order:

- those with no luggage other than what they can carry themselves
- those booked on Cunard onward transfers/flights etc
- 8 deck
- 1 deck
- 2 deck
- 3 deck
- 4 deck
- 5 deck

I have been off the ship by 10am ish on some occasions, while on other occasions it has been more like noon.

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Originally posted by Moo-Woo
Also, could anybody let me know whether there are taxis at the port to take you to the coach/train station once dis-embarked?
Thanks in anticipation.
I think it's accurate to say there are always plenty of taxis. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Also, what ship are you on, Moo Woo? QE2, QM2, or Caronia?

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We will be arriving back in to Southampton on Oct 2nd, on the QE2, but I believe the Caronia is also due back the same day. There are always taxis available. As for timing, we have never arrived back on the QE2, just the Caronia and we have been on the road by 10am, I don't know if the QE2 takes longer as there are more passengers.
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We arrived in Southampton on Friday, June 25. We were allowed to leave the ship as soon as possible because we could carry our luggage. We left the ship around 0800 had no problem getting a taxi. We boarded the train that was bound for Waterloo Station in London around 0830. I hope this helps you with your plans. By the way, thanks to Crouton for your help when I had this same question!
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Thanks everyone, I'll hopefully be able to arrange my return journey home a bit better now. We are cruising on the QE2 by the way, CAN'T WAIT!!