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Well I believe every word of the "table incident" because I had much the same experience recently in an off ship location, where we were told in no certain fashion to go away.

I wonder what Linerguy's party of eight really would do in the same situation. A punch up in the dining room would very likely result in both parties standing on some dockside watching the ship sail away without them. And Cunard staff are unlikely to be of much help, as Jeanie found out. They are not paid to confront red necks and risk personal injury. Galling as it may be the only way is to walk away. And choose your cruise very carefully next time.

Bright, IN...near Cincinnati
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Walk away? Nope. I'd first go to the dining room head honcho and ask that the offending party be asked to leave (or move). If he refused, and it sounds like he would, I'd say something like, "You can either ask them to move or I will go knocking on the door to the bridge and get the Captain involved." While that may seem a bit extreme, trust me, I would do it.

I never let the rudeness of other people infringe on the rights of myself or my family, at least if it's not accidental.

It would also be interesting to simply pull up chairs and barge my way into the table saying, "Well then, what shall we talk about?".


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It looks like the air rage crowd is migrating.

Unfortunately, there are spoiled brat, boorish people everywhere, but one would hope the one place to avoid them would be on a Cunard ship.

I have been lucky in that I have not yet experienced this on one of the ships, except for the extrememly occasional briefly rude encounter, but nothing like this "schoolyard tussle" you experienced.

I like the Brittania dining room, and I always assumed a larger dining room would mean a greater selection of people to meet, but perhaps it's safer to be in Queen's Grill or Princess Grill.

Although, I've learned through experience that good character, that most valuable, sometimes seemingly rare trait, is not determined by monetary possession or "walk of life".
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Jeanne S,

Thank you for your very full review and especially for the glimpse inside the not-always-pretty beauty world of the Canyon Ranch Spa. Can you post a photo of your Queenly nails?

I knew you would find the ship magnificent, but I'm sad that you had to experience what really went beyond rudeness to outright sadistic behavior of some of the other passengers. I know it didn't help that the negative moments were compressed into three days, and I know your Caribbean trip will be an entirely different experience.

I didn't get to see all of the ship after six days....and I was really trying to. After reading your review, I think I will wave people away from the shorter length cruises, as I'm sure the "pressure to see and do everything" in an impossibly short time contributed to the desparately bad behavior.

It's becoming clearer that one of the challenges for Cunard in 2004 will be setting limits on anti social behavior in an era where formerly strict rules of etiquette no longer necessarily apply.

Take care, Jeannie S.

Beverly Hills, CA
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JeanS, such a horrible thing to happen to
such a nice lady. I rest my case:

On Cunard, two things still exist; first
class AND second class.
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It was mentioned that Celebrity would have dealt with the dining room behavior in a better manner.

Sorry to say this did not prove to be the case on our recent 7 day cruise on the Summit. This was our seventh Celebrity cruise and the first time that we encountered the dining room boar.

Our table consisted of myself, hubby, son and a lovely elderly couple from England. The table
of eight behind us was unruly and loud. Hooting, hollering, pounding on the table and loud, they made it impossible for us to hear the waiter or table conversation. Jokes being told loudly that were more suitable for very late night comedy act. I am not talking about normal laughing and friendly conversation.

We mentioned it to our Wine Stewart ( as she was having a hard time hearing our wine selections )who told the Maitre'd. He told the Wine Stewart to speak to them. She did and received a rude reply. The next night they were wilder and the Wine Stewart believed they were reacting to her "talk ". On the third night my husband had a talk with the Maitre'd. He did not seem to be motivated to do anything about it. Witness the fact that he had the Wine Stewart try to deal with it the first time, instead of addressing it himself.

The Maitre'd finally spoke to them on the next to last night, telling them that this was Celebrity and one didn't act that way in the dining room. By this time two other tables in our area had expressed complaints about that table. Everyone left the dining room that evening feeling that the matter was settled.

Oh how wrong we were to be proven. The last night we were eating when a huge noise filled the air. The elderly English lady beside me almost jumped straight up in the air. Later the gentleman at the next table told me that he thought she was going to faint. I thought someone had fallen down with a full tray of dishes.

At the table behind us, one of the men was lifting his chair sideways as well as up and down. The legs of the chair were slamming down on the floor with a bang. He was laughing and yelling. The rest of his tablemates were roaring with laughter. The people at the table next to us expressed amazement that the chair did not break under the repeated slams.

Hopefully this will be a one time experience. I would hate to see cruises held hostage to the bad behavior of a few people. We normally try to be mellow and tolerate of other people but this situation was a " bad scene ".

We cruise again in Dec. on Holland and are packing our ear plugs !
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Yours was a good illustration of the theory that this sort of situation can be sorted out by complaints to dining room staff. I even believe that an approach to the captain would just result in it being sent down the line via the M'd to the waiting staff. It beggars belief that the guy in charge would delegate the task of talking to a table of red necks to a wine waiter. It's his dining room, he should have sorted it out.

Sarasota, Fl
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I wonder if the captain had been summoned if this would have been allowed to continue. Surely those in charge would not want an uprising from all the other tables in the area. If the Maitre'd can't take charge of his dining room I would go to someone higher in command.

A bad day at sea is better than a good day at work
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Queen Mary 2 Maiden Caribbean Voyage 1/31/2004
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Carnival Miracle from Tampa 11/7/04
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Bright, IN...near Cincinnati
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For cryin' out loud ... get a friggin' grip! I suppose it never occured to you that some people, even security guards, can get a little carried away with the authority of their position. True, they are there to protect ... Jeanne never said they weren't, but it's not uncommon for someone with authority to simply be a p**ck about it. They are there to stop the bad guys from doing bad things; stopping a passenger from taking photos as they are about to board doesn't fall in that category.

The term "N*zi" is used everyday to represent many different things in many different situations. She used the term, as most people do, not to be taken literally but rather tongue-in-cheek. And while I may or may not agree with everything she had to say, just like you, she certainly has the right to say it. Also, as far as her remarks causing folks to think twice about sailing on QM2, I think you under estimate our fellow C.C. members. I'm certain that no one is stupid enough to run out and cancel their plans because of something they read on an internet message board. If they do, well, that's their problem, not hers.

One last thing, she said she forgot the correct spelling of Capt. McNaught's surname; I'm not sure what your problem is in regards to the subject. I certainly don't find it offensive that she forgot the spelling of a name, especially when she said she did. Afterall, who are you, the Spelling N*zi?


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Yes, there are some who come to Cruise Critics with an 'ain't it awful' attitude. JeanneS has never demonstrated this characteristic.

Yes, there are some who come to Cruise Critics only to tear down others. Sometimes, they have to search to find something...like the captain's name. "What were those things in the middle of the table?" from one post on the QM2 maiden voyage.

It seems to me that JeannieS comments were what she experienced and had nothing to do with anything else.

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I am surprised over the dining room table incident. Unless it was "open sitting" I would hav expected the waiter or matre'd, or "someone" to say to those folks, "I'm sorry...but you're at the wrong table." And obviously, if the were in fact at the wrong table, who was sitting at the table they were assigned to?
Bright, IN...near Cincinnati
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I could be wrong but, I think the offensive folks were suppose to be on early seating but instead watched the ship's departure from NYC and then decided to go to the dining room. When Jeanne arrived, they had already planted themselves firmly on their tushes and, well, that was that.

When we sail in three weeks, we're on early dining, mainly because we will have our 9 and 12 year olds with us. And we have to decide if we want to see the departure or head to the dining room. Whatever we decide, we will not head to dinner late into the first seating; it's simply rude.

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Jeanne S.,

I shared your story with someone at Cunard, who was saddened to hear of it and suggested that you write the Guest Relations Department regarding your experience onboard. My Cunard friend said the letter should be addressed to Mr. Frank Sansone, Director of Guest Relations.

I don't know if you are up to pursuing it further, but I recommend that you do -- if only to see what happens, "clear the air" for the future, and re-affirm your rights as a Cunard customer (and an important customer at that, IMHO).

I don't think you need to do any more work; for example, you could just cut and paste your review and send it with a note expressing your disappointment...wanted to share it after writing it etc etc.

I hope you pursue it and, if you do, I hope you'll let us know the outcome.

You go, girl.

New York, USA
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My family will be sailing on the QM2 in June and I have a question about alerting the dining room staff if your party has decided to dine in one of the alternate venues (be it Todd English or one in the Kings Court)leaving your assigned table in the dining room empty for that meal. Is this information shared with dining staff when a reservation is made - or is it presumed when you do not arrive on time - thus allowing your empty table to be used by another party.

I just wonder if this is what could have possibly happened in this case -

Sarasota, Fl
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If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the seating time they will go ahead and take the orders for the rest of the table, and assume that you are eating elsewhere.

A bad day at sea is better than a good day at work
26 cruises since 1964 -Proud member of O.A.T.C.

Queen Mary 2 Maiden Caribbean Voyage 1/31/2004
Zuiderdam 3/27/2004
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Carnival Miracle from Tampa 11/7/04
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I would be very interested to find out if there were any reprisals from this outrageous situation. Since we will be sailing from NY in November it would be nice to know if we will be eating next to the kitchen door because some bore decided he would rather eat late that day and commandeered our table.
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Mr. Tannen:

Given you took the time to reply, I will reply to you. If you have ever watched Seinfeld, you would understand the reference. This was an employee of the pier who we met last year and was quite polite, but this time was transformed into a martinet. Being of German heritage.

I have lost many friends and acquaintances to the assault on our city and do not take this lightly. I have posted several times on this site how disturbing it is for me personally that this is a tourist attraction. Certainly Russ (Liner Guy) knows how I feel about 911. Yes, they were excited. I find no problem explaining to them that Deuschebank is to be taken down piece, by piece and commenting on the black tarp around it. On QE2 they used to given a running commentary of this on the PA and I was only re-stating this for people who really were interested in the PIT.

I wrote the PODS “appeared to be waves” and that it became a Kodak Moment to many, not that they were placed there for this purpose. We had not idea what they were and could only guess.

If you do not think that being placed at a table has anything to do with the fare your have paid, I have a bridge to sell you. I do admit that in Princess Grill on QE2 Andrew sits you where he pleases based on his idea of who would go best with whom – but not in a large dining the size of Britannia.

For merely repeating and describing bad behavior you take me to task for calling a person who blocks your way by flinging their body a brick house. Is it that you your self, miss no meals and it shows? Page Security – the staff was there and did nothing!

I stated that I was unsure how to spell the Captain’s name.

I spent many hours compiling this review (where is your detailed review) and I stated that it was a three-day cruise, and the passengers were not typical of a crossing. It seemed that many had never even been near a ship before. In no way was this intended to be compared to a crossing or longer cruise. Consider it for what it really was and do not attempt to compare those passengers to those on a Maiden Crossing who are for the most part quite traveled and sophisticated.
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And in response to your second post, money is not the issue for me, indeed I tip quite generously. Perhaps you should go into the archives and read my first review on this forum, which was a love letter to Cunard about my experiences in Caronia Class on QE2. Reviews should be well balanced. If items are posted at a price, then they should sell at that price. As for the coffee, please! We got up at 5am and you take me to task for obtaining coffee, which was intended, for me the PASSENGER.

Thank you everyone for your reply and support. All I can say is please ARTANNEN let us know in advance when you are sailing.
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The first night we dined with a family four who even though they had a little girl (eating at 9:25), and did request early seating, they were given late seating, which could not be changed on the first night.

So the second night, dinner was still delayed as the Maitre d’Hotel told us due to people still arriving at 7:30 or whenever they wanted to and/or drinking first before ordering – refusing to order promptly, then ordering one thing at a time. He told us there were more than a few passengers who took others seats and as he had never experienced anything like this on any ship or restaurant, was unprepared as to how to deal with it (he is a new Maitre d). He went around trying to placate “eruptions” as they occurred. We were just in shock by it all. He did say that things would be different on the Fourth of July Cruise. I told him on Carnival they tell you when the last orders can be taken and that is it. When we sailed to Canada on the Triumph with my family, my sister and I wanted to watch sailaway but were every careful to be downstairs for first order by 6:15. It bothered me that some passengers were comparing the behavior to Carnival passengers as we found those traveling with us to be some of the nicest, most polite passengers we’ve met yet.

Anyway, the second night we were expecting to find new table mates but not a full table. We were one of the last to arrive having stayed in QR to chat with Commodore. These people had been to the cocktail party (Lorraine remembers seeing them drinking up), and then went into the DR saw a table to there liking and just sat there.


I have spoken to Frank Sansone (and mentioned him in my review) in the past. He is a very nice gentleman. Thanks for your kind words.

Guernsey Guy:

Thanks. I tired you answer your questions about what type of passengers were one the ship. Hopefully this is not what you will ever encounter on a crossing – I really do not think so.

David (MUFI), lknick, Michael and everyone (I should have come on sooner to answer everyone’s comments, but just got off the Radisson Navigator and then got involved answering this un-gentleman) – thanks for everything you wrote. I am not soured on this ship at all; indeed, look forward to returning in the fall for 2 long cruises to Canada and the Caribbean, which I know will be different. However, I do miss single seating and may opt for Princess this time.

Kayany – Radisson caters to singles (the supplement was only $100!). They pamper you and the small ship experience is just wonderful as you meet and dine with the Cruise Director or Hotel Director, Golf Pro, Entertainers, Officers. We met a wonderful group of passengers and had the best time ever on a sailing. While Bermuda is not a crossing, it is British and one of the best places in my opinion to visit.

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The Maitre d' Hotel told us that the passengers who took our table had complained about their table several times, that he had changed it for them and it still was apparantely not to their liking. They were also fueled by alcohol I believe which was a contribting factor to their behavior.

One of the assistant Maitre D's pleaded with me not take make a scene - to just be seated elsewhere. This was again after 9pm and we just wanted to eat by then. It was only after being seated by the entrance to the kitchen and listening to the incessant pounding of the staff bolting by with their heavy laden trays that we started to get really annoyed. But then we went to the show and had a wonderful time. At breakfast the Maitre d' was most apologetic, however, I will write to Pam and Frank as was suggested. I also want to tell them what a beautiful ship she is, not just complain.