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WOW! Quantum Launchers you did a fantastic job on the review! I just finished reading through all the posts. My husband & I are thinking of doing the Anthem of The Seas Transatlantic in October.
I have a couple of questions:
1. We have never done a transatlantic, I am used to sandals, capris, etc, what do I need for clothes? That's fine with Dynamic dining no formal wear is necessary.

2. Did they play bingo on the cruise, if so, how much is it to play? yes every sea day $25 $35 or more depending on your pocketbook

3. Is the casino open every night of a transatlantic? 9am til noon slots, tables open @ noon til 2/3am depending on the crowd

4. Anything else you want to add? read some posts from later cruises on the Quantum to get a better insight on what's happening. Keep an open mind in what they say. It may not apply to what you can do. We mostly report you decide.

We look forward to hearing from you
We were on that crossing the weather was not the best so we did a lot of inside activities. What to wear, how's the food, shows and other things are yours to experience. We don't let anyone opinions decide our going or not.
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