Kids Cruise Free sale

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Hi All,

Wife and I were looking to try and take the kids on a cruise after we both enjoyed a recent 4 night cruise on the Carnival Spirit. We saw the Kids Cruise Free promotion with P&O and started having a look on the website.

Found a 7 night cruise out of Brisbane and punched in the numbers, 2 Adults, 2 Kids and selected the Value pack so that Kids Cruise Free promotion was applied. Price was around $600pp (using even numbers to keep it simple). Checked the total and it was $2400. Assumed the website had not calculated correctly and reloaded the page. This time, punched in 4 adults and it came to $2400, changed the kids section to include two kids under 12 and checked the price, still $2400.

Decided that website is not playing ball and rang the Reservations line, asked for a price for the same cruise with same 2 Adults and 2 kids config. Again, price came to close to the $2400 mark.
Queried the gentlemen that was assisting about how it was calculated but he was reluctant to go into how it works out the price and said that its probably a glitch with the website. Pointed out his price was very similar... Asked again and he suggested I look at another sale they currently have running.

Am I missing something on how the calculation is made? Still new to cruising so apologies if this has been pointed out previously.

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I think the per person price already takes into account the kids go free price. It is actually a bit of a misnomer since it really just means that the third person in the cabin goes free whether they are a child or an adult and that's why you got the same price when you put in 4 adults as opposed to 2 adults and 2 kids.

As an example, if the original price of your 4 berth cabin was $400 per person ( $1600 total) then the new total price will be 3 x $400 = $1200 and the new per person price will be listed at $300. Well that is my understanding anyway.

Also be aware that the kids go free sale is only for guaranteed cabins which means you won't get to pick where on the ship your cabin is. I know because I just looked at booking through the sale but this put me off. My kids get seasick so we need a midships cabin.
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If mock booking only for 2 adults and the price is still $600pp, maybe it's really a website problem or there may be restrictions, like dates, on the promo.
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Thanks for the replies, with your help, I think I worked it out.

I investigated a little further, the price with kids is near spot on if you were to book a cabin with 2 Adults, twin share. I believe this where they then tack on the Kids Cruise Free as once you add the kids, you change to a Quad share room but at the cost 2 Adults in twin share, which is obviously more expensive that 4 Adults and then halving the cost.

Between their FB Chat and Phone Rep, I wish they had just told me straight up how it was calculated but I guess that might start some unwanted arguments.
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I have made a booking for two adults and two children and the total was $2100 (mini suite, Pacific Jewel). When I did the same booking minus the two kids the price was the same which meant the kids were free. I hope you have this sorted
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Yes I've just had the same experience with the 'Kids cruise Free' offer. I usually find cruise company 'offers' not the best deal but good for people who hate doing research. The cheapest cruise deals are either departing in a few weeks time and need full payment at time of booking or for the pacific area try cruising off season (our winter months) a bit colder water but it never seems to worry our kids.
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