My wife, here in Brazil, is interested in taking her parents, both in their late 80s, and while not infirm not in the best of health (father is diabetic, and mother not very mobile, and often relies on a wheelhair) on a cruise. One possibility is the the RCL Vision of the Seas from Sao Paulo to Lisbon. One thing that concerns my wife about such a cruise is the number of straight nights (6) they would be on the high seas far from ports of call (looks like the ship goes from Salvdor, passes by Cape Verde, before making port at the Canary Islands), in case either of her parents becme ill. She is instead leaning towards a considerably more expensive cruise, on the Star Princess (which we took a year ago from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso) going from Brazil to Ft. Lauderdale via the Caribbean. Certainly any modern cruise ship has an infirmary, but how much of a concern should proximity to ports be? My wife is a physician, by the way, but is concerned about ability to get to a hospital. Thanks!