buying cruises on Ebay

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I was surfing Ebay and noticed many cruises for sale and bid that had some decent prices.....the info said they were travel agents selling group space....they were not last minute but later in the year.
Has anyone bought a cruise from EBAY......would this be risky/ I have never used Ebay before.
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Interesting way to sell group space...perhaps the agent sells for bare minimum to cover cruise passage costs, and then all above is enhanced commissions more or less for the agent.

I'd rather not use Ebay for something like a cruise.
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Rancher Dave

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Firstly, I'm in Travel marketing. Secondly my company sells on E Bay.

E Bay is just another channel for sellers to market and another source for buyers. Its no better or worse then most other sources for cruises buying.

When buying a cruise from anyone you should be aware of who you are working with. E Bay is actually more efficient in helping you understand who the buyer is. E Bay vets travel sellers before they can sell. Their vetting system is not perfect but it is better then most selling sites. You can also research a seller on E Bay which is difficult to do on stand alone cruise seller sites. How long has the person sold on E Bay? How much have they sold on E Bay? What is the sellers feed back? Actually read the buyer comments. Are you dealing with a seller that is knowledgeable about cruises. Can you speak with them before, during and following the purchase process.

Just apply good common sense.
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Originally posted by Geezergeek

Just apply good common sense.
What's that? Can I get it on Ebay??

*back on topic* I'd be curious to know how price drops would work with ebay. I'm imagine the seller could say that you're locked into your original bid no matter how low the cruise rates drop (IF).

Think it would be odd having the cruise line's terms and conditions and then another set of T&C's from the seller.
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Personally, I only book direct with crusie line.
Damm I still can't typel cruise rigth.

Yup. No TAs, no Ebay, no nothin'. Bon Voyage, heh
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