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Melbourne ( Land of OZ )
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Joined Feb 2016



Stateroom # C 748

Category s2

[b] PORT

[b]Connects With Cabin- NONE

Accessible good but step in bathroom and shower

Quiet very quite, except for the sound of the wake ( a bit like a waterfall)

Balcony Size Large 18 x 9 two lounges and table with four chairs
View AFT

Privacy Issues none totally private

Wind none

Soot none

Problems none

Comments greatcabin, easy to find ( at the end of passage ) lifts close by to go down to 7Sabatinis breakfast and up to 17 Skywalkers cocktails. Very comfortable

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 6949.jpg (43.5 KB, 515 views)
File Type: jpg 6950.jpg (46.8 KB, 494 views)
File Type: jpg 6951.jpg (47.6 KB, 470 views)
File Type: jpg 7168.jpg (43.6 KB, 433 views)
File Type: jpg 7232b.jpg (49.2 KB, 440 views)
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Why didn't we go cruising before ???
Vancouver, BC
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Joined Feb 2003
Ship - Grand

Class - Grand

Deck - Aloha

Stateroom # A749

Category - OE

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Stern

Connects With Cabin # N/A

Accessible - No

Quiet - Yes

Balcony Size - N/A

View - OK. 2 small portholes. The view depends on how clean they are - mostly just provide natural light

Privacy Issues - VERY private

Wind - N/A

Soot - N/A

Problems - Light fixture in bathroom shook lose and fell - repaired quickly

Comments - Ship movement can really be felt this in this room, a lot of vibration when docking.
Vancouver, BC
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Joined Feb 2003
Ship - Crown & Ruby

Class - Grand

Deck - Riviera

Stateroom # R745

Category - IE

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Starboard/Stern

Connects With Cabin # N/A

Accessible - No

Quiet - Yes - Very occasional overhead chair movement during daylight hours (Terrace dining area - not pool chairs)

Balcony Size - N/A

View - N/A

Privacy Issues - None

Wind - N/A

Soot - N/A

Problems - None

Comments - Great location near Terrace
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Joined May 2017
Ship: Island Princess

Class: Panamax

Deck: Dolphin

Cabin #: D727

Category: OY

Area: Stern/Starboard

View: Obstructed, not really

Connect: No

Privacy: Somewhat, there is a crew ladder outside window but never saw anybody out there

Problems: Slight vibration, slept good

Comments: Room added in 2015, new bed=comfy, nice bathroom, shower with foot shelf. Picture: room is left of the man on his balcony
Attached Images
File Type: jpg IMG_3681.JPG (44.8 KB, 406 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_3683.JPG (43.1 KB, 396 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_3752.JPG (30.5 KB, 372 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_3942.JPG (42.9 KB, 354 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_3684.JPG (34.2 KB, 359 views)
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2017 Crown Princess, 14 day Quebec City to Ft Lauderdale
2017 Island Princess, 15 day Panama Ft Lauderdale to LA B2B with 6 day LA to Vancouver
2015 Emerald Princess, 7 day Western Ft Lauderdale RT
2014 Caribbean Princess, 5 day Eastern Ft Lauderdale RT
2014 Caribbean Princess, 7 day Western Houston RT
2013 Coral Princess, 10 day Panama Ft Lauderdale RT
2012 Oosterdam Holland, 7 day Alaska Seattle RT
2011 Crown Princess, 7 day Western Ft Lauderdale RT
2010 Sapphire Princess, 7 day Alaska Seattle RT
Palm Springs, CA
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Joined Jul 2017

Class: Grand

Deck: 15 - LIDO

Stateroom # L210

Category: Balcony (BF)

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Port

Connects With Cabin #: Next to L206 & L214


Quiet: Yes. Some minor noise when on balcony from people walking on decking of Deck 16, but never noticed in room, only when outside on balcony.

Balcony Size: Standard (See pictures)

View: Great views. Can see Port-Side bridge from balcony but still enough privacy to not feel like they were looking in at all.

Privacy Issues: None

Wind: Not an issue with the room and surprisingly not any more than expected on the balcony.

Soot: None

Problems: Not really see comments below.

Comments: See our information below!

Room Features& Amenities
·Bed – Very comfortable.
·Pillows – 4 (Down) pillows. Great and comfortable. 2 extra throw pillows.
·TV – appears to have an hdmi hook up butextremely difficult to access. RCA jacksare accessible for tall people.
·Closet – enough space to hang all our clothesand jackets. 17 hangers, but reallyneeded like 25.
·Safe – worked. Standard 4-code hotel safe. Not enough room to store laptop, but camera,phones, passports, etc. not an issue.
·Robes provided (upon request and arrived Monday(Day 2)

·Shower – small, but to be expected. Had shampoo & conditioner available inshower pump bottles.
·Towels: 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths. Standard hotel quality.

·2 Chairs
·1 small round table

Needs Improvement (Room)
·No Clock; Phone had time and TV had time when turned on to certain channels.
·Wish it had a small love seat but space would not allow with desk and room layout.
·Larger TV would be nice, especially if they could mount it on the wall instead of the small TV in the corner above“mini-bar.”
·TV channels did not have a “ship tracker” map to see where our cruise ship was during its travels.

What You Can Do to Make It Better
  • ·Electric candles. We brought 6 of them. Placed 3 in corner by TV, 1 in bathroom, 1 bybed side table, 1 on “bar area” above mini-fridge. Nice subtle ambient light without the fire hazard.
  • ·Bluetooth speakers. We brought a nice portable Bluetooth speaker which was great for music on the balcony and in the room. Some nice relaxing music on the balcony is anice addition to the sound of the ocean. Connected it via my cellphone.
  • ·Magnets. Now I had heard a bit of this on the CruiseCritic forum before we left,but am definitely a fan now. We put our one magnet we bought in Seattle on the wall and later added all the others from our ports and tours. Would be nice to put “where we have been” magnets on the wall on future cruises too. Might also be nice to get family photos made into magnets (flat so they are flush with the wall) so that you can enjoy seeing those who you love that couldn’t come along. Might be good for kids too if traveling with Grandparents, etc. of their pets, mom & dad, etc.
  • ·Bring a thermometer. We were always wondering how cold/warm it was outside on our balcony. There were little ones on magnets in the gift shops, but we were never too sure how accurate they would be so we didn’t buy one. Wedidn’t like how they looked either.

Decks 9 (Dolphin) & 10 (Caribe) as seen from our balcony. (Don't let the reflection confuse you.) Be aware that if you do a balcony on those decks everyone from above can see in your balcony. Also seagulls may do "their" thing when in port.

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"Adventure is out there!"

2004 - Norwegian Wind - Caribbean
2006 - Royal Caribbean - Ensenada & Catalina
2008 - Norwegian Star - Mexican Riviera
2012 - Carnival Inspiration - Ensenada & Catalina
2017 - Emerald Princess - Alaska (Inside Passage)
2019 Upcoming! - Caribbean Princess - Eastern Caribbean
Palm Springs, CA
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Joined Jul 2017
Sorry if you can't see the photographs, I guess the photos won't link individually from my Google Photos so here is the album link (Public Shared) since I can't edit my post above:
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"Adventure is out there!"

2004 - Norwegian Wind - Caribbean
2006 - Royal Caribbean - Ensenada & Catalina
2008 - Norwegian Star - Mexican Riviera
2012 - Carnival Inspiration - Ensenada & Catalina
2017 - Emerald Princess - Alaska (Inside Passage)
2019 Upcoming! - Caribbean Princess - Eastern Caribbean
Great Rocky Mountains
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Joined Mar 2017
Originally posted by AvalonLuv
Sorry if you can't see the photographs, I guess the photos won't link individually from my Google Photos so here is the album link (Public Shared) since I can't edit my post above:
Very nice! Thank you for sharing!
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Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
1,308 Posts
Joined Jan 2009
Ship: Coral Princess
Class: Coral
Deck: Dolphin/9
Cabin: #704
Category: S6 (Vista Suite)
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Port/Aft
Connects With Cabin: #none
Accessible: No
Quiet: Yes
Balcony Size: Over sized (room for 2 loungers, table, 2 chairs + room to move around)
View: Unobstructed
Privacy Issues: None
Wind: Not a problem
Soot: None
Problems: None
Comments: Great location just off the aft stairs. TONS of storage (drawers) and a good sized walk in closet.

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Joined Mar 2013
Ship: Island Princess
Deck: Baja
Cabin: #416
Category: MI Mini Suite
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Port Mid Ship
Connects With Cabin: #none
Accessible: No
Quiet: Not as quiet as some
Balcony Size: Very Small - barely enough room for two chairs and foot stools. Had to move the table into the cabin
View: Unobstructed
Privacy Issues: Glass rounded corner balcony. Not as private as most.
Wind: Windy
Soot: None
Problems: These corner cabins with a rounded window on the deck have a good view but it was difficult to sit on the balcony when the ship was moving because of the wind. The balcony was very small. It's covered but so exposed with only two walls that any rain or sun would be an issue. There is also about 8 feet on one wall that does not have another cabins abutting to it so you could hear people in the hallway. It wasn't really a problem because people were considerate but it was noisier than any other cabin we have had.
Comments: Location was great. Right around the corner from the mid-ship elevators and stairs. I really like Baja deck. I would not book this cabin again because of the balcony size and exposure.
Portland, OR
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Joined Jun 2016
Ship - Regal

Class - Royal

Deck - Baja

Stateroom # B422

Category - M1

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern - Port

Connects With Cabin # N/A

Accessible - No

Quiet - Yes

Balcony Size - Extended. Not huge, but big enough for us to do UBD or have morning coffee without feeling cramped. Clearly bigger than the standard Regal balcony.

View - Good.

Privacy Issues - Mostly private. We were several decks below the Skylight bar, so if we tried, we could look up to see the occasional passer-by. Though, this was no more invasive to our privacy than someone on a joining stateroom leaning on their railing and looking forward/backwards. We are extremely private people, and this didn't bother us in the least.

Wind - Very little

Soot - N/A

Problems - None worth mentioning.

Comments - Wonderful location, stateroom, and attendant. I would not hesitate to recommond, or book this stateroom again.
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Jeremiah is not currently on a cruise. Jeremiah would prefer to be on a cruise rather than where he's currently at...
Ontario, Canada
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Joined Jul 2006



Stateroom # E729

Category ME


[b]Connects With Cabin- NONE



Balcony Size HUGE


Privacy Issues VERY PRIVATE




Houston, TX USA
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Joined Mar 2000
Ship Regal Princess

Class Royal

Deck Dolphin

Stateroom # D410

Category DA

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Port

Connects With Cabin # N/A

Accessible No

Quiet Yes, very.

Balcony Size Oversized, angled at the forward point of the curved section.

View Overlooking the center of the curved area under the Seaview Bar. We could easily look aft, and could peek around the corner to look forward.

Privacy Issues None

Wind We thought the balcony was well sheltered.

Soot N/A

Problems We thought the designers overlooked create room for the love seat a lot of storage was eliminated. The vanity was very small and had only one drawer. It was fine for a week, but I would struggle with organization on a longer cruise. My relatives in regular balcony cabins had a much bigger vanity and more storage.

Comments We enjoyed the larger balcony. The location close to the midship elevators and stairs was fantastic. I would choose the cabin again for a cruise of a week or less. That said, I struggled enough with space that I just upgraded to a mimi-suite for our 12 night cruise next year. Yes, I'm spoiled!

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Waiting Impatiently For:
Ruby Princess Alaska 8/24/19

225 Great Cruise Days & Counting:
Royal Princess British Isles 6/30/18 * Regal Princess Canada & New England 10/7/2017 * HAL Westerdam Adriatic Dream 4/27/2017 * Liberty of the Seas 11/27/2016 * Liberty of the Seas 10/23/2016 * Celebrity Equinox Ultimate Caribbean 3/14/16 * Caribbean Princess 12/6/2015 * Serenade of the Seas 3/7/2015 * Oasis of the Seas 11/15/2014 * Celebrity Constellation Scandinavia & Russia 5/21/2014 * Navigator of the Seas 4/6/2014 * HAL Westerdam Alaska 9/14/2013 -- Millie Wine Cruise Refugees Cruised to Alaska! * Mariner of the Seas 4/14/2013 * HAL Noordam Southern Caribbean & 25th Anniversary 11/26/2012 * Mariner of the Seas 3/11/2012 * Carnival Dream 6/25/2011 * Carnival Conquest 3/13/2011 * Carnival Ecstasy 12/20/2010 * Carnival Conquest 3/14/2010 * Carnival Splendor 7/12/2009 * Voyager of the Seas 3/15/09 * Voyager of the Seas 3/16/2008 * Mariner of the Seas 6/24/2007 * Grand Princess 3/10/2007 * Explorer of the Seas 6/25/2006 * Grand Princess 3/11/2006 * Grand Princess 3/5/2005 * Rhapsody of the Seas 11/24/2002 * Sea Princess Alaska 6/17/2000 * Scotia Prince 6/1999 -- Test to see if we would get seasick...Obviously we didn't!
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Ship regal
Class mini suite
Deck lido 16
Cabin # 225
Category MC
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern mid forward starboard
Connects With Cabin #
Quiet as long as the seas are calm the room didnt creak. never heard neighbor noise except the typical open and closing of balcony. no issues from the retreat above except one day after 9 am. during normal sleeping hours i had no noise issues from above. dont know if you could sleep in all day though with chairs above sometimes being moved. being on lido was fantastic location and i highly recommend it.

Balcony Size need more knee room but same size as Breakaway so I was used to it. i had the ultimate dinner in the room because of weather but i think it would be extremely tight to do this on a balcony of this size

View standard balcony view.
Privacy Issues same as any other balcony. good unless someone looks over
Problems very slow tub drain and a smell which i dont think was the toilet. thankfully only had this in the bathroom and never made its way to the cabin. ive heard it may be the drain seals drying out

Comments if you have calm seas this room is perfect. however we had force 10 winds which the captain said was out of a 12 scale, and the room creaked horribly in the walls and ceiling. constant banging for 2 nights and virtually no sleep. would never get this room again because you cannot guarantee calm seas. also someone apparently had driven a piece of wood in the corner of the ceiling to try to presumably make the room more quiet. I've been on another ship with a storm and while it swayed just as much, i never heard this much creaking noise. would try another lido cabin next time
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10/27/18 Regal Princess to Canada Part 2; full suite upsell. so excited!!!

10/21/17 Regal Princess to Canada. Celebrating a milestone!

12/11/16 Breakaway to Bahamas. I am addicted so had to go again quickly on my 2nd.

10/16/16 Breakaway Haven Spa Suite, Bermuda. 1st cruise ever and had a blast

Vancouver, BC
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Ship – Star
Class – Grand
Deck – Lido
Cabin # L304
Category – BC
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern – Starboard
Connects With Cabin # N/A
Accessible – No
Quiet – See comments
Balcony Size – Standard
View – Unobstructed
Privacy Issues – None
Wind – Moderate
Soot – None
Problems – None
Comments – Occasional hallway noise as cabin is in a higher traffic area, however it is a trade-off as the location is wonderful if you enjoy the Lido Deck. The outside deck above the cabin was closed at sunset so overhead noise was not an issue at night.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg L304.jpg (36.0 KB, 148 views)
File Type: jpg View Forward L304.jpg (31.6 KB, 159 views)
United States
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Joined May 2015
Ship – Regal
Class – Grand
Deck – Riviera
Cabin # R328
Category – MB
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern – Port
Connects With Cabin # N/A
Accessible – No
Quiet – Very Quiet
Balcony Size – Standard - Small
View – Unobstructed
Privacy Issues – None
Wind – Moderate
Soot – None
Problems – None
Comments – Excellent ship. Buffet is one of the very best. Ship's staff very efficient. Those staff encountered more than once addressed DW and myself by Last Name. Would sail the Regal again in a heartbeat.
Ft. Mill, South Carolina
1,746 Posts
Joined May 2008
Ship Regal Class Royal Deck Marina Stateroom # M411 Category Mini suite Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Starboard Connects With Cabin # Accessible No Quiet No-see comments Balcony Size Oversized-Angled View Obstructed by Sea walk Privacy Issues Yes - balcony can be viewed from Sea Walk although windows are tinted and is doesn't appear that you can see in the cabin Wind No Soot No Problems None Comments Under Lido deck and MUTS. Noise from chairs scraping and movies.
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Diann & George

Wiltshire, UK
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Joined Aug 2013
Ship: Crown Princess

Class: Grand

Deck: Baja - 11

Cabin # 750

Category: B4 - Premium Balcony

Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Aft

Connects With Cabin #: NA

Accessible: No

Quiet: Yes

Balcony Size: Deeper than normal

View: Balcony partly obstructed due to support beam

Privacy Issues: None

Wind: No problem

Soot: No

Problems: Had problems with toilet not properly flushing on several occasions. Maintenance attended to rectify. Understand there was on ongoing plumbing issue in this area of the ship. Will hopefully be resolved during upcoming dry dock (if not before).

Not really a problem, but had to share - we had a ‘stowaway’ on our balcony. One of the maintenance team came, checked him out and saw him off the ship. Apparently, it happens on a regular basis and they have a bit of special training to deal with the ‘stowaways’, but a new one for us.

Comments: Love aft cabins for the wake view. Don’t find the ‘vibration’ bothers us. Liked the deeper balcony, especially as this was a colder weather cruise (Northern Crossing TA in September) as much more sheltered, meaning we still used it most days.

Chairs can be turned sideways to sit in front of ‘beam’ or loads of room behind it for the table and chairs.

Convenient to HC/Cafe Caribe & Outrigger Bar on Lido. Which meant we could go up get coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages and bring them back to the cabin to enjoy on balcony.

Some may consider it a negative, that it’s a bit of a walk to mid and forward ship, but not an issue for us, gotta get those steps in.

While not our ‘favourite’ aft cabin, wouldn’t hesitate to book again.

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Ventura - Brugge - December 2016

Azura - Amsterdam - October 2016

Emerald Princess - Europe mini-cruise- April 2016

Caribbean Princess - Mediterranean Adventurer -2015

Coral Princess - Alaska - 2014
7 Posts
Joined Nov 2017
Ship: Star Princess
Class: OY
Deck: Emerald
Cabin #: E621
Category: picture window with obstructed view
Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Aft
Connects With Cabin #: no
Accessible: no
Quiet: yes
Balcony Size: none
View: OBSTRUCTED BY A TENDER (the better view would have been the cabin on our left side 'E619')
Privacy Issues: none
Wind: N/A
Soot: N/A
Problems: None
Comments: A respectable room