You know you've sailed Princess to much when?

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Originally posted by zahav1
Yes, we both don't want to go, it's just such a waste of time
But if you don't go you'll never know which are the best stores to shop at.
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Originally posted by floridalover5623
But if you don't go you'll never know which are the best stores to shop at.
ACK! The Shopping Show or Shopping Lecture. Got sucked into that our first cruise and learned that we never wanted to have that experience again. We don't cruise in order to "shop".
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Not Elite but having fun working on it...

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When you go out to the horse stalls and while shoveling manure you constantly tell the horses that as soon as their cabin steward finishes tidying up, room service will deliver their meal.
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When you first board and are walking around the ship waiting for staff members to call out your name.
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When you didn't know there were more than one Princess ship at the port and you boarded the wrong ship.
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Sea Princess, 2002, Alaska...
RCCL Voyager of the Seas, 05/2000
RCCL Viking Serenade of the Seas, 09/1999
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Originally posted by Corfe Mixture
When you long for the days the Sun class ships were the largest in the fleet
But I do. Sun Princess was our first ship.

And cruise ships do frequently exhibit themselves in my dreams, most often favorably.

We know we've cruised too much when the offers that can't be refused for a low priced cabin aren't refused. Wait. No, that's what we do now...
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Next - Have FCC, will travel.
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When you are in your local shopping mall trying to talk half a dozen random strangers into joining a game of Elevator Roulette with you.

Regards John
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You know you've sailed with Princess too much...

...when you later look back at your cruise and say to yourself, "Meh -- I don't need to do that again."
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M & K

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When you stayed in the same stateroom on 2 different trips on the same year and you have a new stateroom steward, Your new steward knows your names from the previous steward talking about you and hopefully in a positive way.

You start to wash your hands before entering a room anywhere that isn't on a ship.
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When the waiter you had on your first Princess Cruise is now a Maitre D'.
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Originally posted by KreinKrunker
When the waiter you had on your first Princess Cruise is now a Maitre D'.
Does it count if he was my first head waiter with Princess Cruises?? On my last cruise he was a Maître d’
He remembered me and I got a great table by a window.
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Originally posted by antsp
You have figured out the Trident grills secret plate code

Haha! I figured this one out my first visit to Trident Grill last week! Was standing in line and saw the order taker line up plates as she took orders. At first I thought “wow! Good memory!” And then I noticed the pattern.

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When you turn down an invitation to visit the bridge and let your husband take a friend instead. . .
When you pass on attending the Captain’s Party
When you start wanting the auction “art” on your walls at home
When you have a dozen leftover casino chips in your junk drawer
When you don’t buy any more branded merchandise
When you have hit Elite and there are no more loyalty perk mountains to climb so you start cheating via a status match with MSC. And don’t feel (too) guilty
When you and your husband fight to grab and read the Princess mag when it arrives
When you treat The Cruise Atlas like the bible it is.

I love Princess!

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