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Why would you start a love story with the talk of a marriage in trouble? Well, to put our story in perspective you need to understand where we came from and how Princess put the perfect "I do" back into our marriage.

We had been married for 14 years and like many, many marriages ours had hit a rough patch that didn't seem we could fix. After a few months of seeing a marriage therapist, we had taken one last ditch effort to attend a Life Skills conference to help save our sinking marriage. My husband was up first, attending the conference a month before me. I was very skeptical but saw some improvements within the first few days. I thought I better sign up for the next month's conference to see if these "changes" were really what I had thought. The conference was an eye opener to say the least and after a month of significant changes in my husband I had a glimmer of hope. On the last day of my conference there was a celebration (graduation of sorts). . . . my husband arrived, got down on one knee with flowers and asked me to re-marry him again. I said Yes and we booked the Caribbean Princess and the vow renewal package.

I shopped for months for the perfect vow renewal wedding dress, kept it a secret and packaged it gingerly in a garment bag for our trip to the cruise port.

When we first arrived in our room on Sunday, we were greeted by an envelope with our vow renewal ceremony time and place. It was the next day at 5:15.

I was so excited because after 15 years of marriage, I was ready to recommit to my husband. I felt like this time was even more special than our “original” ceremony as now I truly knew what it meant to be married.

I quickly visited the reservations desk to book a reservation for Sterling’s Steakhouse for that evening so that we could have an intimate dinner together. I then stopped down at the passenger’s services desk (purser’s desk) and met Demingos, he was extremely helpful. I asked about ordering a white cake (I couldn’t do this ahead of time), The Wedding Experience “TWE” would not help me unless I was a bride organizing an “actual” wedding. I didn’t let that bother me because Princess had told me I could order a cake when I arrived. And sure enough, I was able to with Demingos at the front desk. $1.50 a slice -- what a deal. Since it was only the 2 of us, I order for 4 slices because I didn’t want the cake to be too small. He asked if I wanted fresh strawberries to accompany the cake and I’m glad I said yes. The cake showed up at Sterling’s and was absolutely beautiful. I also placed an order for 3 roses in a vase to be put on our table as I wanted it too look beautiful. They were sitting on the table when we arrived. Dimingo’s did a great job.

I booked a manicure for the next morning so my nails would look perfect, the spa was very accommodating and my manicure was a nice touch.

I got ready in my room before my husband (I made him leave, I had kept the dress a secret all along so I didn’t want him seeing me for the first time in the dress while he was coming out of the bathroom, etc.). I left the room at 4:30 and he came back in to put on his tux. I told him I would meet him in the library at 5:00 so that the first time he saw me it would be a little more special than just in our room. It wasn’t possible for the first time to be as I walked down the aisle as we hadn’t even met the wedding coordinator yet . . . .etc. So I headed to the library to wait for my husband.

I felt very special walking around the ship as you could tell I was a bride from my dress (wasn’t long but white which a champagne beaded sash). I had a crystal headband and a crystal choker necklace. I felt beautiful and people commented about how beautiful I looked . . . .what a boost to the self-esteem.

I wait in the library only about 10 minutes and my dashing (and I mean dashing) husband showed up. I quickly did a spin for him and could see his eyes light up as he looked at his bride for the first time. He comment on how beautiful I looked and my heart soared. After a few kisses and hugs we headed the Hearts and Mind chapel on the top deck (by the spa).

We were greeted by (Kristy) who went over the ceremony quickly. Not too much to it, just “do you want to exchange rings, did you write vows”. We asked her to start the web cam as several people were waiting back home to watch. We called them on Sunday and told them what time because we hadn’t left port yet, we still had cell phone coverage. She had my bouquet (Orchid Bouquet it says on the website) and it was absolutely beautiful. For those of you doing this, don’t worry about the bouquet, it was stunning.

A great big thank you to my fellow Cruisecritic passengers because we have met the day before, 6 of them showed up for the ceremony. You were all so nice and it was great having some guest at the ceremony. One, Bill took video with our camera and (Liz) took pictures with a camera.

The captain showed up right before the ceremony, the music started and we walked each other down the aisle. After a few short words by the captain, he had us repeat vows . . . .very sentimental (see entire wording below). Then we repeated our own vows to each other that we had written. My husband thanked me for loving him, for putting up with him and promised to not take me for granted ever again. I thanked my husband for the wonderful father he is to our children and for not giving up on "us". I told him that he made me the happiest women in the world when he asked me to marry him all over again.

The ships photographer was snapping pictures all along as well as Liz, she took some great photos and Bill (the video is incredible). Then the ceremony was sealed by a kiss and we walked back out of the chapel.

The photographer brought us back in for a picture with the captain (he was a man of few words but very nice and cordial just the same). Since it was a formal night, the photo desk wouldn’t allow me to hire a photographer for an hour or so for pictures around the ship . . . . I really wanted an outdoor shot. But, because I had stopped down at the desk early that day, the photographer mentioned that he thought we wanted outdoor photos . . . .yippee! He went outside on the desk with us (which was literally just outside the door of the chapel) and took some deck shots. People were gazing at us and I felt like royalty.

All-in-all the ceremony only took about 10 minutes which pictures afterwards about 15 more so making a reservation for Sterling’s at 6:30 worked out perfectly. We had about 30 minutes to walk around the ship to the other photographers. We stopped at about 4 different stations and had many, many pictures taken. Then off to Sterling’s for what was a fabulous dinner.

There were roses were on the table. We had a beautiful dinner with several courses. When it came time for dessert, we were presented with the cake but we were too full to eat anything more. Sterling’s had it sent to our room and we enjoyed it about mid-night that night -- it was delicious.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a special touch to our anniversary cruise. I would highly recommend this to anyone, even it it’s just been one year . . . . . It’s nice to hear the words again and recommit yourself to your spouse. I did it up big with a dress, etc. but even if it was in shorts the words are the same and I think you would find it as special as I did. My original wedding was definitely special and had everyone present, this wedding (vow renewal) was just my husband and I and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We both knew how hard marriage and be and our recommitment told us both we were in it together forever!

Thank you Princess for making my dream come true!

You can view our pictures at: http://community.webshots.com/album/561978605ILrtjo

Actual words of ceremony from the Captain:

I would like to welcome you to the Wedding Chapel. We are here to reaffirm your marriage commitments.

I ask that you become closer to each other and recommit yourselves to a life together. Life involves sharing love with each other so that when we leave this celebration, we are all better companions going out into the world.

As I renew your vows to each other we are all reminded that marriage is a union of two lives and two hearts joined together in equal partnership. A husband and wife will bear each others burdens as well as share each others joys. Your goal in your marriage is to be considerate, loving and tender, supporting each other in your love. The renewal of the vows that you share should be as binding in adversity as in prosperity.

As you continue to live together, sharing on another, the gifts of love and striving to become one, in heart and mind. I ask you now to renew the vows, which you first pledged to one another.

I, Douglas, renew to you, Maria, the promise of marriage I made to you 15 years ago.
Today I accept you again to myself as the cornerstone of my life.
As I have been true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, so I will continue to love and honor you all the days of my life.

I, Maria, renew to you, Douglas, the promise of marriage I made to you 15 years ago.
Today I accept you again to myself as the cornerstone of my life.
As I have been true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, so I will continue to love and honor you all the days of my life.

Maria, with the ring, I seal my love for you, and the commitment I re-made here today.
Douglas, with this ring, I seal my love for you, and the commitment I re-made here today.

As Master of Caribbean Princess, I am happy to witness the renewal of your vows and your renewed commitment to each other. May your love continue to grow stronger in the years that lie ahead.

Douglas, you may now kiss your bride of 15 years.
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I enjoyed reading your story and your photos were lovely! I wish many years of happiness for you both!
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This is such a sweet and beautiful story! The pictures are gorgeous. What a unique idea for a vow renewal. You were surrounded by flowers and the outside shots are so romantic!

DH and I have been married almost 37 yrs. My words of advice - "Always put the OTHER person first" and there is absolutely nothing wrong with compromise :-).

Congratulations and may you have many, many more years of happiness.