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Majesty of the Seas docks at 0700 at Port of Miami. What would be a safe departure time for flying out of MIA/FLL?
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If you are not in a hurry and want to have a little flexibility if something causes a delay leaving the ship, plan on flights from 11:30am or later. The airport is only 20 minutes from the port (traffic depending) sometimes less. I flew from Miami in September and must say the terminal area is a very traffic congested area.
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Originally posted by gab1107
Majesty of the Seas docks at 0700 at Port of Miami. What would be a safe departure time for flying out of MIA/FLL?

MIA is usually pretty busy. I would say after 10:30 flight. I usually book 12pm flights but don't leave the ship till 9am.
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Originally posted by gab1107
Majesty of the Seas docks at 0700 at Port of Miami. What would be a safe departure time for flying out of MIA/FLL?
Which one? MIA or FLL?
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Originally posted by gab1107
Majesty of the Seas docks at 0700 at Port of Miami. What would be a safe departure time for flying out of MIA/FLL?
Originally posted by time4u2go
Which one? MIA or FLL?
Yeah, which one?

MIA is close to the port of Miami; FLL is a good 45 minutes away or more, depending on traffic and your driver.
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Fly out of MIA , otherwise you'll have a hefty taxi fare. If arriving during the week, you'll hit a bit of rush hour. So allow 20-30 minutes door-to-door. The dolphin can get a bit congested as you near the airport.

You can self disembark early. We once made it home by 7:30!

I would book something earlier than 11 AM though. Yes, you'll end up waiting around....but better safe than sorry.

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Was thinking of FLL since airfares are cheaper and using Jiffy Jeff ground transport for $15pp. The extra drive time to FLL is okay as we will not be in a hurry. Looks like a noon flight should give us plenty of time for either airport. Thanks.
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Self departing off the Majesty is a popular process as many of us (me included) head straight to our office from the ship on Monday morning; so expect long lines if self departing.

Those that send their bags down to Customs, note that the longshoreman will not start putting the luggage on the belt (its a rotating belt like the airport have) until 8 am sharp. Last month, due to having a big snorkeling bag we stood at the assigned carousel, only to be told 1/2 hour later that oh, that number is also coming out on carousel xxx. This is the second time that happened; so do try and carry off your our luggage since its a short cruise.

Leaving out of FLL is less hectic and the commute isn't bad as I95 has an express lane now.
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