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When in St Petersburg in Sept 2017, we used Alla Tours. Our ship had about 20 sign up with Alla and we could easily have fitted in the mini bus.

However, Alla split our group, providing 2 drivers, 2 guides and 2 mini buses. Our guide spoke exceptional English, possible as her other job was Professor of English Language at the University.

We also used Alla Tours in Tallinn, having an exception tour with only 5 of us.
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Originally posted by stretchcruz
I agree with deec try for less than 16. We booked for 6 of us (found a few on cc). A little more than the group of 16 but really nice!
We began our European travel experiences on escorted bus tours, and did most of our tours with around 35 people. We actually had great fun. A group of 16 will feel positively intimate for us!
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I've got to say, though, that 6 was perfect. We spread out in the van, we each could talk to the guide privately...we went extra places...shops, a market, some side streets, a local snack shop...didn't have to wear headphones as we were right there, didn't have to wait to round up was perfect.
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Originally posted by lackcreativity
We are booked on the Russia and the Baltic Sea for April 26, 2019. Previously, we have only taken Viking tours, either included or optional, and enjoyed all but one of them. We book the Veranda cabin, so we are the last to select our excursions, and this was not a problem on our first cruise. However, I am concerned about the St. Petersburg visit. With three days in port and only one included excursion, I am afraid of being shut out of most of the places we wish to see.

I will soon book a 3 day tour with Alla Tours (have been waiting for our new passports, which arrived today!). I have read many posters on Cruise Critic who were very pleased with Alla, and their 3000 + reviews on Trip Advisor are excellent. Check out their 3 day Grand Tour at $385 for a group tour (maximum 16). The Alla website had very good information. My communication with Polina, by email, has been very helpful.
Obviously, I have no actual experience with this company, but I do have high expectations.
We just got back and used Alla! It was stellar!!!!!
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Originally posted by mk423
We just got back and used Alla! It was stellar!!!!!
Thanks for reporting back your wonderful experience with Alla. I would be really excited for Russia and the Baltic Sea next April if I wasn't so distracted thinking about Trade Routes of the Middle Ages this October! Very grateful that we are able to visit so many fabulous places.