If you had approx 7 hrs to kill in Vancouver,what would you do?

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Ok,I know I asked this before,but cant find it..

We will get off the ship on Sunday,probably by 9......we are renting a car for the day till we have to get to the airport that night.Our flight is at 7pm so guess we'll turn the car in by 4:30 or so.........

Never having been to Vancouver,what is the best way to spend the time??? Not into shopping....

It will be me,DH and DD(age19)......

Thanks once again!!

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Well, I'm definitely not an expert as I've never been there before, but we're planning on spending some time at Stanley Park. Tons of walking trails, a suspension bridge, aquarium, and many others. Here's a website: http://www.seestanleypark.com/
I've also heard Queen Elizabeth Park is pretty, too: http://www.findfamilyfun.com/qepark.htm
Grouse Mountain is supposed to have a beautiful view, too: http://www.grousemountain.com
Or this... http://www.vancouverlookout.com/

We're planning on doing a couple of those during our precruise stay. Hope this helps...


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Stanly park is a no brainer, rental cars are cheap if you start in US dollars and can even renf for a partial day.

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Stanley Park is an obvious choice, good for a couple of hours or more; the aquarium (in the park) is one of the best in N. America.

Granville Island market/cafes/galleries are fun and offer plenty of noshing opportunities too.

The anthropology museum at the University of BC is wonderful (actually, not sure if it's open on Sundays - best to check before schlepping out to UBC).

Stroll, eat, prowl Chinatown - almost as big as SF's.

Drive around some of the neighborhoods and see why many think Van is one of the world's most livable cities.

Scare the bejeezus out of yourselves at the Capilano ($$$ and touristy) or ($0) Lynn Canyon suspension bridges on the north shore.

Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Park and/or Van Dusen gardens - similar to Butchart Gdns but lots cheaper and closer.

If you're feeling ambitious, drive up the Sea to Sky Hwy to Whistler (2 hrs) - one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Goggle the millionaire condos, have lunch in Whistler, then back.

No shortage of things to do.
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If you go to Capliano Canyon,they have something new. They have built walkways high up in the trees-looks like fun.

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Thanks so much...............I think i am leaning towards Stanley park,but what if it rains???? Whats the next best inside thing to do???

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Parrothead8:
Thanks so much...............I think i am leaning towards Stanley park,but what if it rains???? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Wear a rain jacket!

Seriously, you are going to Alaska. You could have beautiful weather, as some people are reporting, or it could rain the whole time. Plan to dress appropriately and don't let it ruin your trip. :-)


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You might also try this web site:Tourism Vancouver

On weekends there is a free bus to shuttle you around Stanley Park - trying to encourage people to leave there cars behind - also there is no free parking in the Park and your ticket is only good for the location your park and not any other spots.



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People have given you lots of good suggestions. Another place you might consider is the skyride to Grouse Mountain. You drive to the base and ride the gondola to the top. Lots of hiking trails, things to see/do and a fabulous view of the city.

If you go to Stanley Park, make sure you get out of the car and walk at least part of the Seawll. If you're into activity, you could rent roller-blades or a bike to get around the seawall. You'll fit right in with the locals.

... and rain? What rain?


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Ok,you locals..if you had to pick between Stanley park and Grouse MT,which would it be???

If it rains,I figure I could just go see my newest Vancouver friends(that would be you guys!!haha!)

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We also plan to see Grouse mtn and one of those bridges. We are staying at the Hyatt. What is the best transportation to these places?

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Ok,you locals..if you had to pick between Stanley park and Grouse MT,which would it be???
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Wow, tough call. Both are worth doing if you've never been and you have the time.

Stanley Park is like the quintessential Vancouver - lots of trees, water, view of the mountains and is such an integral part of the city. Whereas Grouse Mtn is more spectacular "view-wise".

Personally, I like going to Stanley Park because I like to walk/jog the seawall, get a bite to eat, and people-watch at the English Bay end of the park. And I never get tired of walking the different trails through the park. I haven't been up to Grouse in the summer for awhile - probably because it costs $ for the skyride and it's less accessible. On the other hand, my older son just went up with his girlfriend last week and had a blast! They hiked around and ate at the casual restaurant up top. (BTW, they said stick to the appetizers/tapas - the mains aren't that great).

I say, do both, if you can. Not much help, am I?


Coral Princess - Trancanal on Sept 26, 2004
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Thanks Ell hehe.........I am just trying to get a feel of exactly this places are like......what they have to offer........

It is sooooooooooo hard to imagine things that you have no idea about..........I appreciate all you help now and in the past........

Just wait till you want to visit Ocala .I'll be there for you!!

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Thanks Ell,,,,,,,,,,but wait a minute.......who was it JUST 2 days ago that said.."Rain.what rain??"

OH WAIT~~~~~~~~~~that was you!!hehe!!

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Do a bus tour that includes Grouse Mountain, Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park, Granville Island, homes, etc.

Then I would go back to Granville Island and spend more time there.

Or I would go back to Stanley Park and have lunch or dinner at the Fish House if it is still there. One of the best meals I've had anywhere besides that great restaurant in New Orleans that I am blanking out on at this moment (I think it is Commanders Palace) or something like that.
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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Thanks Ell,,,,,,,,,,but wait a minute.......who was it JUST 2 days ago that said.."Rain.what rain??"

OH WAIT~~~~~~~~~~that was you!!hehe!!
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Yeah, that was me **goes and hides in a corner**.


Coral Princess - Trancanal on Sept 26, 2004