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I was thinking of buying snorkel equipment before we leave. There are not very many sports stores in our town so having problems. I did find one brand U.S. Divers "Cozumel" 4 piece at Big 5 for $29.99 regular $39.99. Has anyone heard of this brand? I was wondering if it was good or not. I need to buy 5 sets. Thanks for any input.
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I am speaking with very limited experience, but...
DH is a diver and he convinced me not to order any snorkel equipment online. He says sets need to fit well, and you need to try on a mask to see if you'll get a good seal.
Now that does make some sense, but this is my take on it-
If you go with whatever the tour operator is using, you probably are not gonna get a perfect fit either. And there was just something vaguely ickky about putting something that had been in someone else's mouth in mine . So even if I had a poorly fitting set of my own, it would have been my own
If you need 5 sets, that's still $150, will you get more use out of them besides the cruise?

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Another thought! Instead of 5 sets, we share our equipment. 2 or 3 go in the water while the others watch our stuff on shore. Also, Wal-mart carries some pretty decent looking snorkeling sets. I wouldn't spend more than $15 - $20 on a set anyway if you are not a diver.
I take the antibacterial wipes and a bottle of antibacterial gel with me and thouroughly clean the snorkel and goggles. We do rent so as not to have to worry about taking up valuable suitcase space (not to mention the extra weight).

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Check the swimming pool dealer also. We were there to pick up chemicals to open our pool and they had a whole rack of snorkel equipment, adult and childrens. Good prices. Just make sure you get a good fit.

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I agree with nicurnc. You really need to try on a mask in order to get a good seal. Just like clothes, all masks do not fit all faces.
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We just bought the same sets for ourselves for our May 16th cruise. I was really happy when everything fit PERFECTLY! I wear a size 7.5 shoe and have a pretty small face, so I got a "Small" and my fiance has size 12 feet and a big head (sorry honey!) and the "Large" was perfect for him.

Check the store's return policy, but MAKE SURE you try them on before you leave for your trip. Nothing's worse than a leaky mask.

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Do you have a Sams? Our Sams had "Body Glove" sets. The sets had mask, snorkel, fins and carrying case(with shoulder strap). They were $39 or $49.

We have snorkel vests from Divers Direct. That would complete your set!

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Here is a site we ordered from. Especially the prescription goggles! :

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