Hi All -

Hope everyone is doing great and is healthy!

Dee & I returned from a wonderful cruise earlier this month - Venice to Rome - on Celebrity Silhouette. It was the most port intensive 2 weeks of my life! With a couple of jam packed pre-cruise days in Venice and then the cruise - we only had one sea day to relax!!! We walked and walked, toured and toured the ports down the Adriatic Sea and then made our way around Italy and up to the port of Rome.

We both came home with major surgeries scheduled.

Two weeks ago I started major dental implant surgery to replace my very old and decaying front upper bridgework. Not only did I have to pay lots of $$$ for this (because dental insurance just doesn't cover this), but it was rough for the first week or so. In the dental chair for 3 hours - a few extractions, bone graphs, and a few implants started - I went home as numb as could be and with a partial denture! So, for the next few months, since I can't chew that great, my diet is altered. Hopefully, I lose a few pounds! Everything will not be complete till probably March. The partial denture definitely takes some getting used to!

Now on to Dee....She had a major surgery scheduled the day before my dental surgery. Surgery went well, and she came home a few days later to recover. Things seemed to be going well, but after 5-6 days she was in severe pain, and was readmitted to the hospital this past Sunday. She had a second surgery on Sunday. I spoke with her briefly on Tuesday evening. She was still in ICU and on lots of pain meds.

So, Dee needs some STAR prayers as I hope there are no further complications and she can start to really recover. (I'm not posting the details of her surgery, as I think that is hers to do, but it was major.) I'll try to keep you all updated.
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